Monday, December 04, 2006

Just the Tri-Tip, We Promise (Now, That's More Like It)

A salacious headline having restored our sense of self-respect, we now present to you the tri-tip dinner that Miss XaXa purchased at Josette Eber's restaurant, Feed the People!

Now, Miss XaXa, being a flower of the South (though not a rose; she's more like the Yellow Venus-Flytrap of Texas), knows from barbecue, and she found the tri-tip superb, flavorful and juicy. She positively raved about the beans, with their complements of herbs and cheese, declaring them possibly the best she has had at a barbecue joint. However, the cornbread was merely average, which was rather surprising, as we have seen Josette Eber making cornbread on the show several times.

And so, whatever one may say about the woman's resemblance to celebrity hairstylist Jose Eber, her propensity for throwing people under buses, off buses, from buses, and against buses, her murderous stares at judges and cheftestants who thwart her, her quaint argot, and her way with the backstabbing girl-hug (et tu, Josette?), the woman can cook.

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