Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Padma Lakshmi: Heady Role Model in "Topless Model" Family

Just when we think we couldn't love our readers any more, they go and do something super duper special.

In this case, our fairy godmother at Sorry Fugu sent us this story from today's New York Post, which we present to you in condensed form. Really, we have no words, as any comments we could make would be superfluous. We have only added the photographs for extra texture and chewiness. Enjoy.

December 12, 2006 -- LOCK up your daughters when Salman Rushdie and his son hit the party circuit.

The acclaimed author and his offspring are talking each other up as powerful chick magnets no woman can resist - with Zafar Rushdie, 27, even confessing he's used his 59-year-old father's prowess to score.

"Most people who go to a party with their parents try to run away from them. Not me. If I want to meet girls, I just stand near him," Zafar gushes in a unusually candid interview with London's Sunday Times.

"All the beautiful women want to talk to Dad, so I stand close and bask in the sunlight. Beauty loves brains."

Salman, who lives in Manhattan with his fourth wife, topless model and actress Padma Lakshmi, 36, is equally complimentary of Zafar, talking him up as a red-hot ladies man who can't be resisted.

"Every time I see a picture of him in the paper, he has four girls around him, so I think he's not doing badly," the author tells the paper. "He's absurdly charming - lethally, disgustingly charming. He has it like a weapon."

That's where the backslapping stops. Zafar confesses he won't take any advice from his father on how to conduct his sex life. "I don't consult him on my girlfriends. He doesn't like the fact that my relationships don't last long," Zafar says. "But I'm not convinced he's necessarily the best person to give relationship advice."


Anonymous said...

There are undoubtedly myriads of snarky remarks to be made here. I admit, I was sitting on a few choice onces myself.

But when you consider that she chose to love and marry a man who could conceivably be killed at any given moment as the result of a now 16 year-old fatwa from Iran over a book he authored (The Satanic Verses). And that she defied Iran's Fatwa by officially announcing their engagement on February 14, 2004, the 14th Anniversary of said Fatwa and Valentine's Day, no less. And that she was wed in what I suspect was an awsome purple sari. Well, let's just say I reserve the right to one snarky remark. Maybe. If the spirit moves me. But for now I'll just leave it at YOU GO GIRL!

-Laz (Blogger wasn't allowing me to log in for some reason).

Ms. Place said...

It must be true love. She was smitten by his good looks,right? He was most certainly attracted to her intellect.

I mean, is there any other explanation?

Anonymous said...


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