Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Would You Buy a House from This Man?

Michael "Beer Bong" Midgley's answer to hometown paper The Stockton Record on what he's up to these days:

"I'm selling real estate. And what I've actually been doing is cooking for people at open houses. (The sellers) are gone all day; and I put a little sauce on and it makes the house smell good. The market's tough out there; you've got to have something to give you an edge."

What Beer Bong's high school classmate, "itlngurl122," had to say:

“I think that he has really proven to not only the others on Top Chef, but everyone how wonderfully talented he is. I think that the show, at first, tried to show him as a just a funny guy or someone who doesn't take anything seriously...but Mike is much more than a funny guy. I have known Mike since high school and I think he has AMAZING talent especially for our age group. I think he should be honored for being a 28 year old Stocktonian that not only has Real Estate under his belt but has now made a name for himself….”

Stocktonian? So that's what they call 'em. Now we now.

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