Friday, January 19, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Endorsement: Now, More Than Ever, Carlos Fernandez for Fan Favorite

Earlier this week, Elia Aboumrad told Java Junkie, "I miss Carlos the most. He is a wonderful person, honest, straightforward, excellent chef and a great friend."

Which is why, to our way of thinking, if Carlos had been Elia's room-mate, rather than shade-y Iago Hall, perhaps what happened on this week's episode would not have happened, or perhaps Elia wouldn't have been involved.

Carlitos, you're the last decent man standing.


Anonymous said...

your right! if eila & carlos were roomies,they would be a power duo.

Anonymous said...

What if Elia had corrupted Carlos instead? Maybe he got out just in time?

Ms. Place said...

Carlos is uncorruptable.

I am following Miss Xa Xa's trip south to visit him at the Hi Life Cafe with interest. Yeah, Carlos! May you win Fave Chef!