Friday, January 19, 2007

Trans-Fat-Laden Oreo Better Than Padma Lakshmi at Predicting Cultural Decline

From a Los Angeles Times article dated October 16, 2006, two days before the show's premiere, and approximately 45 days after pre-finale filming (including the incident from this week's episode) had ended:
"I hate reality TV, I have to tell you," said the new host of "Top Chef," Bravo's reality cooking competition, leaning over the table at a busy Manhattan restaurant on a recent afternoon. "I think a lot of it brings out the worst common denominator of the human spirit." But the Indian-born model and actress, perhaps best known for being married to Salman Rushdie, is satisfied that Season 2 of "Top Chef" won't contribute to the decline of modern culture...."At the end of the day, it's about the skills," Lakshmi said. "I think it's very compelling seeing someone trying to be really good at their job, no matter what that job is."
From Padma's Bravo blog, published Wednesday, January 17, the day the show aired:
I felt awful when I heard and even worse when I saw the footage. I always thought that our show was better than many reality shows because it was about people trying to be the best at their craft, and that that dedication was compelling to watch, I saw no one trying to be better that night. What a shame.

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Fierce-ass photo! And those shoes! Love them! So Diane Von Furstenburg!
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