Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Kudos: Padma Lakshmi's "Accent Aigu" Situation No Longer "Grave"

We believe in giving credit where credit is due, and so we congratulate Padma on the newest edition of her blog, just published tonight. We've seen nary a typo, and every hyphen appears to be in place. And French or French-derived words even sport their jaunty accents aigus, which positively made us purr. Félicitations! See? Was that really so hard? It's no less than all of us as Bravo viewers and readers deserve, mais quand même, it's nice to see. And so, Amuse-Biatch is standing down for the week.


george said...

i'm mostly amazed that she updated on time for once.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say, I love you guys and your blog, but your obsession with typos is getting a little old, especially because some of your [sic]s seem, well, wrong - and this is coming from a self-professed typo snob.

Keep up the good work otherwise, though.

Anonymous said...

You said you saw nary a typo in Padma's blog, but right at the start she broke the rule that pronouns must agree with their antecedents in gender, number and person.
In her sentence, "You can tell a lot about a chef's personality by what they consider to be a great snack, and how well they execute it.", you can see she broke the number rule.
Padma should have written about what "he considers" and what "he executes". You must be growing mellow.
The Connecticut matron, putting aside her hat and gloves for the nonce.

Anonymous said...

How magnanimous of you to stand down. There were several grammatical, punctuation, and usage matters with which I could take issue (including her redundancy in pointing out one has “only mere seconds” in a Quickfire to prove oneself). But I concur that Padma’s blog this week has far fewer glaring typos than last week’s. I also appreciated this plain-spoken assertion: “I’ve never even seen mayonnaise in a can.” Exactly my thought when I heard Michael utter that statement.

What I did find jarring was that she included two recipes from her own upcoming cookbook (perhaps her publicist also polished this blog installment) and apparently felt further compelled to offer alternative (and rather obvious) design recommendations for the two “restaurants.” Is she angling to host “Top Design” too?

Oh, well. Perhaps you should get back to critiquing Padma’s wardrobe? You do that so well . . .


Maddyanne said...

According to the OED, the use of they as a singular neutral pronoun is not incorrect.
("Punctuation belongs inside quotation marks," the poster wrote.)