Sunday, January 28, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Playbill: Carlos Fernandez and Miss XaXa to Star in "Annie Get Your Gay"


hughman said...

beaucoup jolie!!

(um, what's with the ball?)

PeachPie said...

That's the crystal ball the judges used to pick the winner this season.

PeachPie said...

(Sorry about that one, judges. I couldn't resist).

hughman said...

touche peachpie.

turns out it's a gift from our miss xaxa to carlos from the old south, tres chic and what Top Chef couldn't use some glass balls.

Anonymous said...

Miss XaXa looks quite doable in this photograph. I will be attending an event in Fort Liquordale next month, and will give Carlos' and Chuck's restaurant another try.

A hostess made a snide remark when I carried my own water bottle in during my first (pre-Bottom Chef) visit there.

Sorry, but until a restaurant PROVES I will not be subjected to inferior water and/or an empty glass, the Z-Bottle will be prominently displayed on the table.

Chef Z