Monday, January 29, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Is Just Sayin': Ambiguously Gay Duos

With two exceptions, these photographs are all from the treasure trove of the cheftestants' Bravo photo diaries. Again, captions in quotes were presumably written by the cheftestants themselves. Any reading you give to the photographs and/or captions, possums, are between your conscience and Jacques Lacan. Tend to your entendres (double or nothing) on your own.

"My friend, Ryan, and I
Hanging at Underbar."

"Vita Prep
Posing with the Vita prep."

"With my Woman
My girlfriend, Carolina."

"Not sure what's going on in here."

"I love these guys!"

"Jill and I
My breast/best friend!"

"Me and Hedy
Hedy runs our kitchen at Grub. She's a very strong and talented woman."

"John and I
John is a professional organizer whom I've known for 25 years. He organized my life

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PeachPie said...

The caption makes the pic of Marcel and the blender all the more hilarious. (As if the pic wasn't enough).

: O