Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Readers Say, "Grab the Reynolds! The Fix Is On"

Reader "Anonymous" sent us this screencap from last night's Bravo rebroadcast of last week's episode. In this screencap (compare with the screencap below from last week's broadcast), it appears that a miraculous magnification has taken place, and a mysterious black fog has fallen over the lower and right-hand sides of the screen, where once upon a time a lushly betressed Elia Aboumrad appeared on the floor with her face in her hands.

Will miracles never cease? It's definitely time to grab the Reynolds. Next thing we know, Mother Teresa will be disappearing from that cinnamon bun.


Tad said...

has anyone here considered starting an online petetion to have the top chef executive producer fired? and while we're at it, padma too? i mean seriously, this type of shameless tv should not be tolerated by the viewers who expect to tune into a show about cooking every week. unless serious changes are made to top chef, i will not be watching next season.

sukaphish said...

Here's an interesting little tidbit from the New York Post January 23, 2007:

My favorite part: In one episode, he says he was thrown to the floor and held down by rival chef Cliff Crooks, while another cook, Sam Talbot, tried to shave his head and Ilan Hall tried to videotape the act. "I don't believe violence solves anything," he told the Vegas paper. "But when I broke free from them, I saw this lamp and I just wanted to smash it over one of their heads . . . I mean, pinning me down to shave my head, that's what drunken frat boys do, not a top chef."

Broke free from "THEM"? Perhaps what we saw was only the beginning of the assault. Hmm.

sukaphish said...

bad link-o-vision. you'll have to piece this one together:

Anonymous said...

We finally have CONFIRMATION from Elia herself for the timeline flipping.

Listen to Elia's CHOW interview:

(click on second interview)

About Marcel's assault:

-It was a practical joke that was "between the guys"

-Confirms that the editing was backwards: "Marcel went away really upset and i'm like 'we have this machine [clipper] and I wanted to shave my head my whole life'..."

-Talking about that night and shaving her head "I have to say we had a lot of fun that night"

Interviewer: Do you feel bad about what happend to Marcel?...It looke a little sad

Elia: No I don't feel bad because that's not the way it happened..
I didn't help to do it..this was a joke they where playing on him..
Marcel has insulted people and it hasn't been shown..his verbal way of talking to people i think is worse than tryng to shave his was a guys joke, it was in between them"

-She doesn't think it was right that Cliff got kicked off

There's lot's more, including how she believes Marcel hired a hacker to push up his numbers in polls.

The good stuff begins at the 7:45 minute mark. (You can download an MP3 of the interview)

cheffanatic said...

This season was bogus from the start. C'mon, replacing last year's Miquel with this year's Michael?? At least find someone with a different name!!! But I loved Michael, the show sucked after he was gone. Also Ilan's transformation from silent and steady to bizarre was totally unbelievable and out of character. Marcel was last year's Tiffani and you knew all along he would be in the final. The drama is a bit much at times, its supposed to be about the cooking!! Psychos Betty and Mia never belonged there either, maybe they can screen alittle better to make for more consistent competition. With all that said, When does next season start?????