Monday, January 08, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Scrubs Up

Is this supposed to be Top Chef or ER?

Not only did Michael "Beer Bong" Midgley have to have an emergency tooth extraction, which he likened to having a homemade haircut in the kitchen, there was yet another unseen medical crisis on the show. From producer Shauna's blog:
It was another steamingly hot day in LA so everyone desperately wanted to go swimming but of course we couldn’t 'cause we were on duty. That didn’t stop the chefs who all made a bee-line for the pool the moment the dinner party was over -- followed in hot pursuit by several sound recordists trying to take their microphones off before they hit the water. Marcel dove in to the shallow end and cut his head open. Tom and I both inspected the wound and announced that he would definitely need stitches. The medic took one look and pronounced that he would be fine without, so we headed back to the kitchen for judges table and the show went on.
We, of course, couldn't help wondering: (1) Did Marcel dive in or was he pushed? (2) Or was he trying to end it all? (3) Could we possibly resist making jokes of the "head" and "shallow end" elements? (4) What would it be like to have Tom Colicchio in scrubs inspecting our head? Can he be McDreamy even though he has no hair? (5) Was that really Debi Mazar's house and pool, or were they rented for the occasion? (6) Once the water ran red with Marcel's blood, did the others leap in and try to finish him off? (7) Who else was in the pool? (8) Is Marcel's pompadour a flotation device? (8) Did Marcel and Elia Aboumrad wrestle awkwardly once more at the water's edge? (9) Is there finally an Elia Aboumrad bikini pic?


Blockade Boy said...

Scalp injuries produce a ton of blood, but I assume Marcel's Jiffy Pop coif soaked it all up.

Anonymous said...

Marcel was bleeding, but was treated with some coffee foam placed gingerly on the wound to complete the presentation.