Monday, January 08, 2007

Miss XaXa Sics Amuse-Biatch on Padma Lakshmi

We'll be the first to admit that we're biatchy (the fairy godmothers didn't christen us Amuse-Biatch for nothing). But we're not so petty that we mind an occasional typo or two. Even we--gasp!--have been guilty of a typographic error de temps en temps. It seems that, despite all the steel rods, silicone, and synthetic fibers, we are, apparently, still part human.


When you are married to a Booker Prize-winning novelist, are a self-proclaimed "egghead," and let on that your light reading includes the latest biography of Simone de Beauvoir, one would think you'd at least bother to use the spellcheck function. This week's cogent™ installment of Padma's blog made our inner copy editor break out in hives.

Here, then, a non-exhaustive list from this week's Padma's Cogent™ Blog:

Maybe the distraction of his pain lead [sic] him to stop thinking so much about what he usually does (fry things), and make something that catered to the perameters [sic] of the challenge.

judges [sic] table, for instance, can take hours

All this in that heat wave make [sic] for very tense talks at times

who is a the [sic] weak or strong competitior [sic]

with a pesto like [sic] messy sauce

It was yelow [sic]

the presentaion [sic]

they bring our [sic] the instinctual cook in the contestants

a scene in Pan's Labrinyth [sic]

cranberries and pinapple [sic]

ill conceived [sic]

was a what [sic] looked like a brick of brownie

creme anglais [sic]

doesn't need paring [sic] with other desserts

what about going the way of simpicity [sic]

his conept [sic]

portion and presentaion [sic]

Well, sic transit gloria mundi.


Ms. Place said...

Oh, dear. And here I was liking her more than Billy Joel's wooden faced child bride.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I was appalled by all the typos in Padma's most recent blog. She should have called in hubby's proofreader . . . or at least someone with a clue.

Megan said...

I went back and checked it out, and it appears that the ones you mentioned have been fixed, but no one bothered to fix about 10 others that cropped up. It is pretty inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

This is my new favorite blog.

You know, I (almost) could handle all the typographical errors, if when she speaks on the show, wasn't said in such an obnoxious, know-it-all way, with the blankest face imaginable. Yeah, she's pretty, but I'm not getting her at all. And then hawking her own cookbook - it's beyond tacky. Next challenge to the cheftestants? Take a recipe from Padma's cookbook but make it "your own."