Friday, January 19, 2007

And Now for a Moment of Levity: Coquilles St. Jacques the Ripert

Watching the height and positioning of guest judge Eric Ripert's hands as he relates the size of the scallops (coquilles St. Jacques) served at haute cuisine fish palace Le Bernardin, Padma Lakshmi puffs up in preparation for the moment when he will turn around as he says, "Zey are ZEES beeg," hoping that he might, during his demonstration, accidentally Ripert her shirt off.


Jullesdelight said...

Um, you mean he hasn't already auf'd half of her shirt?


hughman said...

have you been reading the Bravo blogs? there is an uproar - UPROAR!!! - about this episode!

i SO see a "Law and Order" about this incident!

Dream cast?

Micheal Chiclet as Tom Collecio
Isaiah Washington (Post firing from Grey's Anatomy) as Crooks
Eva Mendes as Padima
John Cameron Mitchell as Marcel

drama! m2m wrestling! salmon!

also rupert everett as Andy Cohen, Bravo queer candy, name-dropper extrordinaire!

Law and Order twist? The salmon was TROUT!!

Ms. Place said...

Hughman, that's funny

Ms. Place said...
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wardo said...

Has anyone been able to figure out what that image is on Padma's shirt?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this interview with Marcel from Friday, 1/18/07?

kbryna said...

not relevant to this post exactly but i wonder how you read this quote from Ilan, about Marcel:
"he had to make this dish about lust and I told him that he's never lusted after a woman, all he does is go home and jerk off thinking about Joël Robuchon."

a touch of homophobia here, or is it me?

goldenroxy said...

ilan is really starting to annoy me. i believe i read that same quote a week ago. during that interview, he continue to make excuses for his behavior. when i read that quote it sounded like he was proud. he really wanted the fans to know that he actually said that to marcel's face even though it didn't air. now, i'm not quite sure why you would be proud of that statement.