Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wiggin': Diana Vreeland Rolls Over in Her Grave to Get a Better Look at Elia Aboumrad's Coiffure

Yes, she's a grown woman and has every right to shave her head, and shaving your head can be an act of liberation and a middle finger in the face of the patriarchy (have we left anything out?), but, but, but....

When we saw the basketball-shaped results of the rivalry in Los Angeles between the clippers and the fakers, we couldn't help but think of a story about Amuse-Biatch supra-fairy godmother Diana Vreeland recounted by Mary Louise Wilson:
"[T]he only time they had ever seen [Diana Vreeland] cry was when her grandson Nicky shaved his head. She burst into tears. 'There's enough ugliness in the world! Why add to it?'"
Our sentiments exactly. We're just sorry you made our Diana Vreeland cry in her red-wallpapered heaven.

About the rest, we can only say, "more in sorrow than in anger," oye, paisana, ya ni la chingas.


Anonymous said...

Nosferatu much?

goldenroxy said...

she looks silly.

hughman said...

no, no, NO-sferatu!!

i love me some shaved haired women but the post-molestation guilt is all over your face.

MsSumida said...

Elia as a SEAL..or Elia does Demi

jane said...

i think they had to shave their heads AFTER they did marcel...given an ultimatum from the producers in order to stay on the show. i hope marcel wins, i liked him from the beginning.

keep up the excellent verbiage, biatch! i love it.

Mental_Dysorder said...

Thanks for the Bikini Shot. I needed that.

Just kidding.

Seriously though, I think her head shaved is fine. She looks cute, just like Ilan and Sam said she does. No, I'd much rather think *coughfantisizecough* about those long curly locks of brunette justice. And yes, I'd have to say that feeling that "freshly shaven" feeling as you attempt to run your fingers through them would be rather traumatizing. But... you know... it's Elia Aboumrad. She'd just have to say again, just as she had in her video submission, "You get to deal with life. Like this lobster. She was alive and now she's dead of course, but I killed her so it's good."

Mmmm, dirty lebonese talk. I think. In any case, I'd like the same bittersweet way to go that the lobster had. Yes, Elia. It was good.

-Kris (