Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bringing Out the Best: Sam Talbot's Grooming Tips

During the Quickfire Challenge, "Superstar" cheftestant Sam Talbot took his Even Cowgirls Get the Blues-sized thumbs out of his armpits long enough to pay tribute to one of the world's most beloved condiments:

"I love mayonnaise, so I'm kind of excited. I went to culinary school, and my parents paid tons of money, and I came out with a deep love of mayonnaise."

At which point we said to ourselves, "So that's what he puts in his hair. It makes perfect sense. No wonder he often looks as if he were smelling rotten eggs."

Sammy, you might want to reconsider your love of mayonnaise. Bringing out the Best Foods doesn't always bring out the best. Sometimes, all it brings out is the flies. And while we're at it, no amount of WD-40 (or is it wd-50?) will erase the memory of your bukkake watermelon dessert, but if you want to be wily, refrain

from invoking Wylie Dufresne.


Anonymous said...

"bukkake dessert"?????


Ms. Place said...

LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I thought I was the only one who thought he is always making a "who farted?" face.