Sunday, January 14, 2007

For Immediate Release: OutKast Unveils Cover Art, Track Listing, for New Album

We've just received the following press release in our inbox:

It's official! Astro Boy and Big Boi, together at last, together forever and livin' large, are proud to announce the release of the new OutKast album, on Tuesday, January 30, right before the finale of Astro Boy's latest gig, Top Chef, on Bravo (1o p.m. Eastern /9 p.m. Central).

We are sharing with you, our fans, a sneak peek of the cover art for Foam on the Range, a concept album. We're still mixing a couple of tracks, and getting a couple of more guest artists to lay down some phat beats for us, but here's a little taste of some of the choicest cuts:

There's No Place Like Foam (featuring Gelee Furtado)

When in Foam

The Darker the Cherry, the Sweeter the Foam, featuring a sample from Gelee Roll Morton

Foam for the Holidays (Christmas in Ibiza Remix)

Foam (If You Want To)

Foamo-Homo (Which I'm Not), a power ballad, OutKast style, meant as a "foamage" or "fauxmage" to Astro Boy's boy, Ilan Hall, and as a call for an end to homophobia in the white hip hop community

And Foamin' at the Mouth aka Foamin', Frontin', Part V, another track dedicated to Ilan Hall and inspired by R. Kelly

Release date: 01/30/07


Ms. Place said...

Miss Xa Xa, You crack me up! That's foamin' funny.

I've posted the teaser, BTW. Those 40's bathing suits look hot!

hughman said...

"welcome to the pleasure foam"!

i can't wait for the remixed 5 1/2 inch (from the looks of him) dance versions!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Foam Alabama

eric3000 said...

Ha ha!