Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Cherce Bits: Marcel Vigneron Goes Pinkie a Pinkie with Raggaydy Andy, Throws Elia Aboumrad Under the Bus

Our beloved, button-eyed, busily Blackberrying Bravo VP, Raggaydy Andy Cohen, is threatening to become the Barbara Walters of gay network exec bloggers. We hereby rifle through his hard-won booty and pilfer the choicest bits of his interview with Marcel Vigneron.

Marcel on his good friend and only ally, Elia Aboumrad
If anyone was going to go it should've been the leader. Sam got a bunch of knives for winning and so it seems like the loser should be Elia....Also at the same time Elia was the leader so she should've gone home. I am not gonna say Sam didn't deserve it.
Marcel on his mother:
My mom is actually hearing impaired....
Marcel on why he thinks his fellow cheftestants seem genuinely to dislike him:
Million dollar question right there! I honestly don't know. I could try and come up with a couple theories but I don't really know because I think I am a likeable person and fairly social. I have friends and people like me who meet me....The whole arrogance thing comes through, too, apparently. I don't really think I was entirely too arrogant. Granted, I am confident. I have dedicated the last decade to gastronomy so that comes through in my interviews and then my interactions with the other chefs. I think that could've been a huge factor. I am not exactly sure why. I think they saw me as a threat and decided if they all gang up against me they could get me eliminated. Everyone has pacts on "Survivor" and they turn against people. Top Chef is different, it's about the food.
Marcel on friendships with fellow cheftestants:
Elia and I were friends and would talk. I went out to NYC and hung out with Sam a few times after the show. Josie and I are friends and still talk. All toothbrushes aside, I think Frank likes me but you don't see a lot of that.
Marcel on viewer response:
People like me on the street! I haven't received hate mail.. fans come up to me and like what I'm doing on the show and say I am the only one with a backbone. There was one lady who said "You're that prick on the TV show..."
Marcel on his hair:
I've been rockin' this style for five or six years now. It's heavily trained. It has a mind of it's [sic] own, Andy. I have a unique personality and try to do things differently and it comes through in my food, personality, character traits, and I guess hair. If someone combs their hair down I will comb mine up.
Marcel on whether he has a girlfriend:
Not so much! There are friendly ladies in my life but I don't have a girlfriend, per se.


Jennifer said...

I'm not sure if this is where I should properly say this...your blog has got to be one of the more interesting I've read in quite a while.
I hope you keep this up for "Top Design" to follow "Top Chef" on Bravo!
The drama is so addictive!

On another note...silly question really...does anyone out there know what brand of eyeglasses Elia wears on the show? They're super cute...I have to have!

Jennifer - Chicago, Il

BigAssBelle said...

weeny big haired twit, know thyself. they don't like you because you're a freakin asshole buddyboy. it's not so hard. pay attention!!

Nancy said...

The cheftestants didn't like you because you stood out as too much of a threat. Why a threat? Well, being utterly gorgeous, as in Hollywood would love to have that face on the big screen, having tremendous confidence in your talent and exhibiting class and intellect...all these factors combined to make some of the others feel lower on the 'food chain'. That's tough enough in real life, but in a competition like this it brought out feral instincts. The pack attacked but you rose above it. This will take you very far in life.

Marcel - you rock.

Nancy - New Orleans

Betty (not the ugly one) said...

Marcel's hot. If he published his own cookbook I'd stand in line for days to get his autograph!

Anonymous said...

In the beginning of the series, I hated Marcel. The more I watched the re-runs of the series, I realized that Marcel is the most professional of the group. Let me explain...

True, Marcel is annoying, and I'm sure the editors of the show have slanted the final product to show Marcel as an ass. However, no matter what the others did or said to him, he never once acted unprofessionally in front of the judges or the merchants in the stores. He also never brought up any personal conflicts to the judges, he's always maintainted, "let's talk about the food".

Sam, on the other hand chided Frank into confronting Marcel about the toothbrush on the floor. Sam also didn't try to stop Cliff's assault on Marcel and Sam started yelling at Marcel in the store. You can't do that when you are wearing your chef's jacket. It's unprofessional.

True, normally we don't live with our co-workers, so I am imagining that it is extremely tough to spend 24 hours a day with people that you are competing with for $100K.

I have to give Marcel some credit for remaining calm and not being emotional.

Lori - CT

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with Marcel. I want to make babies with him. If he ever comes to Chicago, I'll see that it's arranged.


Anonymous said...

Marcel is the shit. Totally gorgeous. I want him to cook for me, lol.

Anonymous said...

Team Marcel, all the way! Love the hair, love the food, love the ingenuity.