Thursday, January 25, 2007

Garbled Speaks: Joaquín “El Baisano Jalil” Pardavé Rolls in His Grave, Hands Elia Aboumrad a Tinfoil Hat from the Amuse-Biatch Collection

Herewith, a more or less faithful transcription (we’re not stenographers, so we might be off on a word or two) of the portion of Elia Aboumrad’s interview with’s Joyce Slaton on the subject of Marcel Vigneron. The interview itself can be heard here.

Joyce Slaton: By the end of the show, you seemed to have a big problem with Marcel, where it seemed like you sort of started off sort of allies. I think you worked together in Vegas. Is that right?

Elia Aboumrad: I trained him for the opening of Robuchon, yes.

JS: Right. And it seemed at the beginning, you sort of seemed to take his side, and defend his dish, at least it seemed that way, and then by the end you seemed completely frustrated with him and want very little to do with him.

EA: The thing is, I always, like, try to speak for the truth. And when his dish was good, his dish was good, I wasn’t gonna lie. Also the relationship between him and I was very different. He never spoke down to me, he never had a fight with me because I was his sous-chef, so I think—on the opening of Robuchon—I think that gave him a different way of looking at me in the competition, I guess, because he was always trying to be nice and polite, so I had no problems with him most of the competition.

JS: So what hap—? I’m sorry. What happened to sort of sour you on him?

EA: Well, because then he started, at the finale, I think, he started feeling more pressure, I don’t know, and he just started doing the things he would do to others to me. Marcel cheated throughout the whole competition, different times, and he was never called out cheating. Everybody knew.

JS: How was he cheating?

EA: I don’t know. He had agar in his bag and he would use it to change the density of the sauces, or one day he had recipes from Joel Robuchon. These were little details that I think were the things that made Betty and Sam and Ilan and everybody be so mad at him.

JS: So why didn’t, why didn’t anyone bring, certainly there was other allegations of cheating, why didn’t anyone bring Marcel’s cheating up with the judges?

EA: I did, and then I think they’re gonna show it at the finale. I don’t know how they’re gonna edit it, what am I gonna do? you know. I am not the producer, I’m just one of the contestants. I have no saying in this whatsoever, because it’s gonna be edited again.

JS: What happened the night that everyone, that you and Ilan shaved your heads? The way that it looks is that you guys decided, you were drinking, you were silly, you decided you were going to shave his head, Cliff held him down for a few minutes, and it didn’t end up happening, and then, afterwards you and Ilan shaved your heads. Is that what happened? ‘Cause in the show, in the editing they show you—

EA: That’s exactly what happened. And I didn’t drink, I don’t drink, I don’t get drunk, I was just, like, Well, now that we have this machine, and now you wanted to do this to Marcel, which I wasn’t involved in, like they put the blogs. I didn’t even know about this joke until it was happening and I go then, Ok, guys, I’m not gonna defend him, but I’m not gonna help you either, you know. So when Marcel went away really upset, I’m, like, Well, we have this machine, I’ve wanted to shave my head my whole life, and I finally have the guts to do it, and Sam was like, well, if you do it, we’ll all do it. I’m like, Are you serious? And then we like started joking around, and then it happened and I really enjoyed it, I have to say that we had a lot of fun that night, and I—

JS: Do you feel bad at all about what happened to Marcel? I mean, it looks, it looks a little, it looks a little sad, I mean it’s hard to see, to say what happened there, but—

EA: No, I don’t feel bad because that was not the way it happened, and, no. [laughs] I mean, I didn’t help to do it, but I was not gonna either stop them. I mean, this was a joke they were playing on him, they didn’t went through with it. Marcel has been, I mean, he has insulted people in so many ways during the whole competition that hasn’t been shown, like his verbal way of talking to people I think it’s worse than tackling him to the floor and trying to shave his head. This happened. I think it was a guy’s joke, it was in between them. He was being a, I don’t know, very arrogant with all of them all the time, and then when he needed help he was like, [baby voice] ‘Oh please’

JS: So do you think it was right that Cliff got kicked off?

EA: I don’t think it was right that Cliff was kicked off. If it was had been for his food, yes, but not for that, not for that because so many other things happened during the show where people should have been kicked out, like for cheating, and they weren’t, and then, Oh Cleef is a bad boy, he’s being, I don’t know, I thought that it wasn’t necessary.

JS: So I guess you’re not in touch with Marcel anymore?

EA: No. He called me a few times to watch the show together, and I was going to. I have to say that I called him back, and I then I realized that, we have this voting competition on, and every week they just kick someone out, so the ones that remain in the competition keep on competing, I mean, it’s obvious that he hired a hacker—

JS: He hired a hacker? Are you saying—? I’m sorry. It’s obvious that he hired a hacker and gives himself more votes, is that what you’re saying?

EA: Yes, it’s evident. It’s evident, so after I saw that, I’m, like, no, you know what, Marcel? I can’t, and he’s like why? I’m like, you know why. I don’t wanna hang out with you, period. You go and there, and every time you vote for Sam, Ilan or me, he gets more four votes, and then when you vote for him, he gets a hundred votes, with one vote—

[Joyce Slaton laughs]

EA: So it’s evident. It’s not even done in a smart way.


hughman said...

oh she's WAY beyond just a tinfoil hat. she's obviously bought the entire Tin Foil collection from the Tin Foil Boutique on Tin Foil Avenue.

elia, don't forget marcel's army of zombie slaves! and the trained rats! i bet he had trained rats that run through the tubes of the internets too!

"Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown" indeed.

racer said...

dude, what type of crack is this girl smoking?

Catherine Cantieri said...

Never have I meant both words so strongly: bitch crazy.

Anonymous said...

"So when Marcel went away really upset, I’m like well, we have this machine, I’ve been wanting to shave my head my whole life, and I finally have the guts to do it, and Sam was like, well, if you do it, we’ll all do it, and then we like started joking around, and then finally happened and I really enjoyed it, I have to say that we had a lot of fun that night, and I—'

So AFTER Marcel stormed off "upset" (because who wouldn't be after being mauled and restrained", Elia decided to shave her head and the others followed and they had "fun"????

Well, that does it! She totally confirms that the head-shaving occurred AFTER the assault.

Elia feels absolutely NO REMORSE and NO SYMPATHY for Marcel.

She won't returns Marcel's calls because sh believes he hired a "hacker" to boost his polls???? WTF?????

Anonymous said...

All anyone needs to do is go to and check out the Marcel thread under Top Chef and you'll see where the whole thing is coming from.

Elia really, really needs the tinfoil hat.

Anonymous said...

Elia's just bitter that she doesn't have the fan base Marcel does now. And as a TWoPer, I can vouch for an army of us getting Marcel the votes that showed up. What does she care anyway? It's not as if that poll determined who was going to win the $10,000. Marcel, you're better off without this girl's "friendship" anyway (I say "girl" because Elia's clearly got a boatload of growing up to do).

Anonymous said...

Elia, you're bitter and angry about missing out on the Olympics by 2 seconds. Now you're bitter and angry that you lost in the finals of Top Chef. Time to get a new hobby, girl and get off the bitter train!!!!!

cj said...

wow, elia is clearly delusional and jealous.

either marcel is a conniving, manipulative, villain- or is being portrayed as one by the crock-pot producers at bravo.

either way, if reality tv history has taught us anything, he has a great chance of beating ghetto-ilan.


C.J. said...

according to sam, the shaved their heads before clipper-gate, not after.

Allison said...

Elia needs to grow up. Marcel is not a cheater, he's just better than her.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Elia and Sam are contradicting each other. Sam is sticking to the party line that they shaved their heads before. But Elia says they did it after Marcel went away upset.

I believe Elia. She did in fact shave her head so I think she is more reliable than sly Sam. Also, the screencap of her in the hallway with all her hair when Marcel storms past her.

Sam is lying to cover his lying ass. Even Andy Cohen didn't full-out lie, like Sam did.

Anonymous said...

Elia, you're an idiot. Marcel won the poll because people were disgusted at how you, Sam, and Ilan treated him. They felt sympathy for the guy and wanted him to win, so THEY VOTED. I was one of them.

Accusing someone of cheating with zero evidence is pretty stupid, and pretty mean. I hope Elia never gets work in the food industry again. But wait, I hear she already got demoted after her boss saw her participating in those hijinks last episode, so there is justice.

Virginia said...

She's so delusional. She thinks he hired a hacker for the poll. "It’s evident, so after I saw that, I’m, like, no, you know what, Marcel? I can’t, and he’s like why? I’m like, you know why."
He's willing to forgive all the crap she's done to him and she won't even tell him why she refuses to see him, because obviously he should know what she made up in her own mind. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, does she sound desperate!

Over the course of the season, Elia revealed herself to be a spoiled, immature, entitled piece of work. If she wasn't having a nervous breakdown in the kitchen (with someone else having to talk her down from a ledge), she was badmouthing judges because of her inability to absorb constructive criticism.

Elia, I'll think of you whenever I order a BLT from roomservice. Sounds like a perfect niche for her - never has to deal face-to-face with any customers.

Anonymous said...

Elia, I'm saying this for your own good: shut up. You are doing yourself, your image, and your professional career no favors with each embittered statement that you make.

Anonymous said...

lIf there was a poll for most delusional poster on a reality show, Elia would have my vote.

How embarrassing that she 1) accused Marcel of hiring a hacker to hack a meaningless online poll, and 2) that this would upset her so, even if it were true.

My friends and I cheered when she Padma gave her the PYKAG directive.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Elia's interview is freaking hilarious.

Marcel hired an internet hacker to cheat on his poll? WTF????????? Did not see that coming.

You'd think Marcel would hack the BRAVO "fan favorite" poll istead to get the $10,000.

And she shaved her head AFTER the "joke" on Marcel. It was so much fun.

But I want to know why she waited until the finale to rat out Marcel for cheating numerous times. Elia attacked Otto and got him kicked off the show. Why did he restrain herself from kicking Marcel's cheating ass to the curb???

Melanie said...

So was Elia demoted? (per Anonymous 2:04 PM) (but she says she is prevented by a nondisclosure agreement with Mandalay Bay to discuss her transfer there--what in the world is that all about?)

Is Ilan supposedly quitting his job recently a 'pursuing other opportunities' cover for being fired?

And why is Sam currently unemployed and broke if he didn't win the challenge? Wasn't he an executive chef at Punch in NYC at one time--what happened there?

Has their juvenile and unprofessional behavior on Top Chef lost them their jobs?

It will be interesting to see if Cliff continues to be Executive Chef at Salute! (Is he still there?)

Anonymous said...

What a bitch.

She had told Marcel she would defend him but never once did she speak up for him when the others were yelling and talking down to him.

And if she had proof of this cheating, and everyone knew about it, why didn't anyone tell the judges or production? Even at the very end when Elia brought up the cheating, she couldn't give one example.

Patriot said...

The whole cheating accusation is lame. So Marcel has cheated numerous times throughout the competition, and people like Ilan and Betty who clearly hate his guts didn't turn him in? Yea, right!

Elia is just a desperate woman who obviously can't cope with failure. Obviously being from a wealthy family, she's Veruca Salt, always getting her way. Notice how she always challenged all the bad critiques her food got. I think Elia is probably freaked out that she's so despised.

I do have to wonder what exactly happened when she get sent to Mandalay Bay. Maybe she can blame that on Marcel too!

Anonymous said...

someone needs to tell elia to stop talking about marcel. she's only making the situation worst for herself.

there's no way that marcel could have cheated. that's just a poor excuse. they record everything. if he didn't follow the rules they would air it. i liked how when they asked her how he cheated she first replied with "i don't know". if you don't have any facts, then shut your mouth and stop accusing marcel of cheating. plus, the whole hacker situation is just ridiculous.

marcel should be happy that elia is no longer a friend. what an idiot. thank god she was eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elia,

I voted for Marcel! You got a problem with that? No one wanted to take the time to vote for you because your disgusting behavior and disloyalty.

I can't believe you actually thought you had the chance to win the title "Top Chef" after of numerous occasions of how you wanted to "quit". You give up too easily.

Anonymous said...

"It will be interesting to see if Cliff continues to be Executive Chef at Salute! (Is he still there?)"

Yes he is still exec chef there.

Christie said...

I thought I had already lost all respect for Elia, but this interview just sealed the deal. What a whack job!

I hope Marcel takes the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

harold's blog...

"I thought it showed poor character that they all tried to gang up on Marcel. Stop your whining, it’s a competition."

Anonymous said...

Marcel DID cheat. Listen to Sam's CHOW interview. Sam explained that the cheftestants were NOT ALLOWED to bring any cook books, utensils, notes, etc. This was stated in their contracts.

Sam and Elia claim that Marcel brought in agars and xanthum gums. This is against the rules.

Sam said that the producers were forced to approach Marcel in the middle of the competition and ask him to surrender these items.

It's similar to what happened with Keith Michael and his contraband pattern books on Project Runway.

Anonymous said...

**Marcel DID cheat. Listen to Sam's CHOW interview. Sam explained that the cheftestants were NOT ALLOWED to bring any cook books, utensils, notes, etc. This was stated in their contracts.**

Come On!!! Don't you think if it was that big of a deal that any one of the nasty bullies wouldn't have JUMPED at the chance to turn Marcel in?
And if what you are saying is true then don't you think if it was THAT big of a deal a) bravo would have showed it? b) kicked Marcel off like keith? Come on, use some common freakin sense here. Just more stupid people trying to bring Marcel down. Doesn't wash in the real world. Especially they've all been proved to be liars, sans Marcel.

ps, Include me in one of the people who helped boost Marcels numbers on the poll. LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19 am here, yep that made a lot of sense. But ya'll know what I meant. It's 4:22 am here looooong day. :)

Anonymous said...

just stuff it elia.

i never want to see or hear this bitch ever again!

lisa said...

Sad to see someone so bitter and vindictive at age 23.

Get professional help, Elia!

I'm not trying to be insultory to the girl, just offering sound advice should she read this. What a waste if she goes through life unable to take losing graciously. It's clear she's got a lot to offer the world so to continue sullying herself with such bitter hatefulness is very sad. I feel sorry for her. Honestly.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking stupid, jealous bitch. Elia is such a two-faced fucking cunt, pretending to be Marcel's ally and friend the whole show, and then when it looks like they're going to be in direct competition, she stabs him in that back.

You're a lousy cook, and an ugly bitch to boot, Elia. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

In all her final interviews she states she was in it to win. We get that. It's a competition, duh? But those statements and the behavoir don't jive. On the Turkey day ep. she wanted to serve them "veeenegar shots" of soup. Who stepped into tell her not to make any kamakazi moves-Marcel, but Betty said "then make Cheez Wiz". "I give up and want to queeet". Yah, sounds like a wanna be winner to me. Even Lee Ann said she had time to repair those chocolate hearts. I too voted several times for Marcel without being hired by him. The only thing that makes me want to HACK is your delusional attempts to rip on Marcel and the judges and defend yourself. Oh yeah, the agar and gums he had can be bought at the stores they shopped in. She played Marcel, then got played by Ilan and Sam. Glad to see karma is alive and well. I'll bet Marcel never called her to watch the show. BTW, "Two seconds" is an hour in swim time. Waiting till the 11th hour to TRY and narc a cheeter out without evidence is nothing but desperate moves. Perfect example of how "desperate times call for desperate measures". Then to cry about how unfair the judges were and say Marcel's a peeece of sheeet, etc. is just an infantile poor sport move. If everyone is so unfair, walk away from the competition, not cry about it. I see your true colors everytime you open your mouth. Even on an UNedited Chow interview. No edit excuses there. The nerve or lack of sanity to justify and slander. I can't tell which at this point. Probably both.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the site and vote for anyone but Marcel? Truthfully, his numbers do go up when you choose an opponent. I voted for Ilan and Marcel's numbers went up by 10. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the site and vote for anyone but Marcel? Truthfully, his numbers do go up when you choose an opponent. I voted for Ilan and Marcel's numbers went up by 10. Seriously.

That's because other people are voting for Marcel at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19 AM

I would like to add--Sam is also contradicting himself. Didn't he tried to get discount (or did) but that's also against the rules? Sam is such a big baby.

Anonymous said...

shes so ugly

Anonymous said...

just wanted to add that I also voted multiple times for marcel. in fact i voted all day for a couple of those days. yes sounds crazy but i felt guilty that i hadn't given him all of my votes in the bravo contest. i read about the poll at the twop forums but i just lurk so i'm not even one of the posters. there might be more like me :) hackers! haha ..let me know if marcel is sending us a paycheck

Anonymous said...

RE: hackers


Anonymous said...

Elia turned on Marcel after Ilan moved into her room a couple of weeks ago, "because she was lonely". She was just doing what that weasel goaded her into doing. He used her to do his dirty work.

potty mouth princess said...

I proudly voted for Marcel way too many times last Saturday night, when we TWOPers went on the prowl. First it was pass Elia, who was over 50% when this started (Marcel was at something like 12%, I joined up at around 25%). No one voted for her or Ilan until really late in the evening west coast time. Sam got a flurry of votes from time to time, but Marcel got votes because there were probably 50 of us constantly clicking the vote again button.

That's all it was, you stupid twunt.

As for the xanthum gum that someone saw as cheating, uhm, Marcel brought that ingredient up at the JUDGES' TABLE as a component of his faux pineapple poi. They were fully aware he didn't use taro.

NOT CHEATING if it's allowed. If he brought anything illegal, it was confiscated upon his arrival in Hawaii and not used in competition. Period.

I bet Sam realized his mistake at JT but Elia was so hell bent for leather she didn't realize Marcel had talked about his use of what she thought was cheating and buried herself yet further in her tomb of delusion.

Anonymous said...

The chefs were allowed to bring outside equipment and materials for the FINALE in Hawaii, however they were forbidden to do so during the rest of the competition.

Sam said in the CHOW interview that Marcel used contraband ingredients, which were aginst their contract.

Sam also mentioned that the producers had to step in and confiscate them from Marcel in the MIDDLE of the competition. I guess he never turned them over at the beginning.

Elia said it was his cheating that caused a lot of tension.

fed said...

"Sam said in the CHOW interview that Marcel used contraband ingredients, which were aginst their contract."

Riiiiiiiiiiiight. And these weasels wouldn't have turned him in in a hearbeat if they had something on him.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Elia you really dumb. I have not seen or heard the Sam interview yet but if he did say you shaved your heads before the incident with Marcel then you just gave up Sam's ass too you dumbass. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Girl the best thing you could do is just shut up and never open your mouth again and try and save face because your credibility is so shot at this point you are nothing more than a crying joke! Everyone is laughing at you. You talked so big on the show, now look at you, how pathetic and I think it's hilarious. I hope your little weasle friends Ilan and Sam and feeling the same way. Now, you claim Marcel has hired hackers. HAHAHAHAHAHA omg I can't stop laughing at the 3 of you.

Anonymous said...

How bout the look on Padma's face when she had to tell Sam that he was being kicked off after those two idiots opened their mouths. I dont think she wanted to put Ilan through before but she looked crushed after. However she had a huge smile on her face after kicking Elia off. Hysterical!

As for the "cheating", I agree. Why wouldnt they come down on Marcel to the Judges the whole time if he was really cheating. Betty used like 2 pounds of extra sugar in the low cal challenge and they even turned on her.

If Marcel was such a turd how come he never talked smack about anyone in the solo interviews. They all need to take that game back to high school where they should have left it.

Anonymous said...

This bitch and the others bullies have got to realize that A LOT OF PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE MARCEL! I think you`re all frustrated unprofessional people that treated Marcel way worse then he ever treated you! I mean, one guy said: ''I`m gonna beat you up so bad your mom won`t recognize you''. I mean, what kind of twisted sick person says that? As for the ''winner'', he was very jeallous and always had to pick on Marcel in an UNPROFESSIONAL way. Marcel was a LITTLE arrogant at times, but you all were UNHUMAN AND CRUEL to him. AND MOST PEOPLE LIKE MARCEL BETTER THAN ALL THESE BITCHES AND BULLIES!