Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Raggaydy Andy on Why There Won't Be a Reunion Show

In today's installment of his blog, Bravo's Raggaydy Andy Cohen answers another of the questions that have been bedeviling us: Will there be a reunion show?

According to Andy:

The answer is NO. Last year's reunion capped what we thought was a drama-filled season and turned into "The Jerry Springer Show" so I am thinking this year's would turn into a reenactment of the day that guy got murdered on "The Jenny Jones Show".

Hmmmmm. Very interesting. Would that be the one where, according to CNN, "Jonathan Schmitz...[was] accused [and convicted] of murdering Scott Amedure after Amedure announced on 'The Jenny Jones Show' that he had a homosexual crush on Schmitz"? Yes, very interesting indeed.


Anonymous said...

I read on a Bravo board that a couple of Season 2 chefs did not want to participate in the reunion - first Otto, then Mia, and (I'm assuming) Cliff. So, I don't think that Andy made a decision based on "maintaining a sense of professional integrity to the show" or whatever half-baked euphemisms Bravo is using to prop up their dignity...I think lack of participation played into this.

kbryna said...

someone at amuse-biatch is or was a humanities (literature, i hope) grad student.....has to be. has to!

and NICE NICE ilan-tongue-at-marcel accompanying the reminder of the gay crush jenny jones episode.

Cardamon said...

""I read on a Bravo board that a couple of Season 2 chefs did not want to participate in the reunion - first Otto, then Mia, and (I'm assuming) Cliff.""

Poor Otto. In retrospect, he's the rare honorable Season 2 contestant (not to mention the first to be screwed over by crazy-a** Elia).

Anonymous said...

I also heard from different sources that some of the chefs refused to attend. Otto, because of how he was lynched over the lychee thing. Mia, also, won't attend. Cliff was kicked off the show so he won't be there. A Reunion with at least THREE missing chefs? Won't happen.

Frankly, much of this is Andy's own fault. He and the producers handled the lychee incident horribly. Even Marissa was very unhappy with how they were treated. He let the bullying get out of hand by not reprimanding Frank.

It seems the chefs have had enough of the "Jerry Springer" atmosphere fueled by the PRODUCERS - like Andy himself - who seems to thrive on this garbage. They got sick of his bullshit. So no Reunion.

Zook said...

I doubt Tiffani wanted to appear last season at the reunion. She actually tried to run off stage but was rounded up by some behind-the-scenes guy. So I figure it's in their contracts to appear at a reunion... maybe Bravo just didn't want them all talking about how BS the show is.

Anonymous said...

Tiffani was a FINALIST. She appeared because she was in the Final 2/3. She ran off the stage because David started screaming at her, but before that she was alright.

BRAVO is afraid that the chefs will start questioning the producers about their slimey tactics.

Marisa blogged about how the producers forbid them from returning the lychees at the supermarket. The producers insisted they leave the store with the lychees and then accuse Otto of stealing for drama. They also forced Marisa to remove her blog when she outed their involvement.

I don't blame Otto for refusing to participate in this clown show. Marisa too.

It's behind-the-scenes sleaze like this that has Andy Asshat running scared. He's a coward and he's terrified that the chefs will call him out for it.

That chefs cannot be FORCED to appear on the Reunion. It's not in their contract. And, in Cliff's case, his contract with BRAVO was terminated.

Zook said...

Tiffani didn't want to be there. The reunion was filmed after the winner was chosen, and after the winner was chosen (Harold), Tiffani was clearly done with the show. Dave wasn't "screaming" at her when she ran off stage, she was losing it the whole time. She said she didn't want to do this and be someone's monkey. The point is, I really doubt she was there for the fun of it. Do you actually know what their contracts say? You might be right about wanting to keep the contestants quiet though, as I said, Bravo may be afraid of being exposed as a pile of BS.

Anonymous said...

before i really wanted a reunion show. i wanted to see if those idiots regret how they acted on national tv. after reading several post interviews, i come to realize that they would probably spend an hour complaining about marcel and blaming him for their actions. now, that wouldn't be fun to watch.