Wednesday, January 03, 2007

She Reads Us, She Really Reads Us!: Betty Fraser Hearts Amuse-Biatch for Dubbing Her "Spice Rack"

As promised, possums, we listened this morning to Miss XaXa's OutQ in the Morning Overlord, Larry Flick, as he interviewed our very own Betty "Spice Rack" Fraser on his show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

We had pen and paper at the ready, so we have all the highlights of the brief interview, but first, on a completely egotistical note, this was our absolutely favorite part, an eyes-closed, tummy-kneading, purring start to the day.

Towards the end of the interview, Betty was discussing the reaction she gets from fans of the show, and she mentioned that she has been given all sorts of nicknames, such as Betty "Spice Rack" Fraser.

We froze in our tracks. Dear Lord, that's us!, we muttered with as much dignity as we could muster.

"Honey, we've been calling her that since the show premiered," observed Miss XaXa before letting out a trademark Texas "yee-haw!"

Betty asked Larry Flick if he'd heard that nickname, "Spice Rack," and he said he had and called it "clever." Betty herself called it cute.

Betty, honey, if you're reading this, we know more about spices than about racks, but yours definitely rattles the marjoram and dried oregano in our high school woodshop final project. ("Don't forget the cumin!" adds Miss XaXa.) Alright, then. And the, er, cumin too.

Alright, now on to the interview.

When Larry Flick complimented her by saying, "You stir the shit," Miss Spice Rack took the homage in stride: "If you gotta do it, you gotta do it."

On Marcel Vigneron's hairdo: "I don't think the guy can do anything else with it." She also checks out the bonus material and the Bravo website and approvingly singled out Sam Talbot's comment that Marcel's attempts to hog credit were perhaps due to the fact that he's only five-foot-two.

On how much of what goes on is canned production stuff: They get the instructions for the challenge, but "everything else is really happening, it's really us, and really evil."

On Michael "Beer Bong" Midgley: "Mike is Mike. You wouldn't know it, but he's very talented." Apropos of the vending machine challenge, Beer Bong had told Miss Spice Rack that "Cheetos with Snickers was his favorite dish when watching football," and he was so mad that by the time his turn at the vending machine came up everything was gone that "he chose the Cheeto that looked the most phallic."

The person she was most surprised to see packing her knives and going: "Josie."

On Mia Gaines-Alt's decision to leave: "Elia was going to get canned. Mia has two lovely children, and I know she was missing those kids. People come to a boiling point."

On the holiday challenge: She worked across from the other team on the Warner Brothers lot, and she felt that even if all of her team's dishes were terrible, they should win just because they had so much food out there.

On her career as an actress: "I sucked."

Her other nickname: Betty "Botox" Fraser.

We still think Spice Rack is better.

Well, possums, that's all we were able to scribble down (we took shorthand at the same school as Joan Crawford in Grand Hotel, so it's not our forte), but we got most of it down.


corprip said...

I have my own nicknames for Betty. Petty Betty and Horse-Faced C*nt. She's an obnoxious woman, and her obssession with Marcel is just stupid. I'm glad she got canned.

Anonymous said...

I kinda liked her big fat titties, oh and her soup and sandwich looked good too.