Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Exclusive! Amuse-Biatch In-House Paparazzo Watches for Ilan Hall's Return from SoBe

Laz, Amuse-Biatch's in-house paparazzo, happened to be in South Beach, and managed to capture this shot of Top Chef winner Ilan Hall. Laz was unsurprised to find that Patek Philippe also makes its watches in "pimp style." We daren't hazard a guess as to how badly the "pimp style" watch, the other accessories, and the big-screen television have dented Ilan's post-tax winnings.


Anonymous said...

Bravo's The Dish has put up the story now and entitled it "Ilan Hall's Bling"

They were careful to point out the rules say Ilan can spend his $100,000 any way he chooses to.

Thanks for the photo! A perfect summary for this story.

potty mouth princess said...

I wonder if they pull taxes beforehand or did Icklan get the whole enchilada and is responsible for paying his own taxes?

I'm hoping it's the latter because there's no way in Hades he's going to be able to save 50 large to pay the feds, and the states of CA and NY. Maybe he will be able to share a cell with the very gay Richard Hatch. *snerk*