Thursday, March 01, 2007

Completely Heterosexual Ilan Hall Laces Up His Pink Sneakers to Show Off His Whitney Houston Album and Discuss Dance Music with Time "Out" New York

In a little piece in the current issue of Time Out New York, we learn that Ilan Hall lives in the East Village, that his apartment is 300 square feet, that he owns two iPods, that he collects "mostly ’90s hip-hop albums," as in vinyl, and that he stores them vertically (or, as Miss XaXa puts it, "erect"). We also learn, as you can see from the accompanying photograph, that Ilan rolls up the cuffs on his jeans, has a penchant for pink sneakers and pink and purple album covers, and loves himself some Whitney. Finally, we learn that Ilan's father makes the turntable on which Ilan listens to music (since "[d]ance music just comes through better on vinyl"), and that he

took his girlfriend to his parents’ house on Long Island, where she was introduced to music played alternately on his father’s Linn Sundeck turntable, a prototype Music Hall MMS9.1 and a 1911 Victrola hand-cranked turntable with its own volume control. “She really liked it,” he says. “She thought it was charming.”

We just wonder whether he played for her our favorite track from that Whitney album, "How Will I Know."


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I need to let the Ilan hate go but.. he's such a tasteless punk. I hate faux reality celebrities.

My questions for the universe:

Does he have to mention his "girlfriend" every single time he opens his mouth? We get it- you really, really, really want to be been as straight. Gotcha. Far be it from me to out you (heh!)

Must he always dress like he was wardrobed via the circa 1987 junior's department at "579" and accessorized by Claire's? The only thing missing is rhinestone/crystal tattoo of a butterfly. For the last and final time- retro style requires taste and discretion. Jesus, he always looks likethis girl I despised in the eighth grade.

What's next Ilan, an add-a-bead?

BTW, my brother collects vinyl religiously... but even he passes up the Whitney.

Anonymous said...

Make it stop. Please make it stop.

kbryna said...

i went through an 80s phase, too. It was about the time I was, oh, say, ages 2-9, from about 1981-1988.

what on earth is the point of having WHITNEY on vinyl? i mean, just WHY?