Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Live Semi-Nude Girl!: Tonight on, Padma Lakshmi Live! (Well, As Live As She's Ever Gonna Get)

Tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern, Padma Lakshmi will appear live on Watch What Happens, the webcast on hosted by Bravo VP and online salonnière Raggaydy Andy Cohen, who has previously testified to Padma's powers to turn gay men straight.

Raggaydy Andy takes on all comers, whether by e-mail or telephone, to answer all sorts of questions (and if you ask nicely, he might just indulge your foot fetish while on camera).

So feel free to write or call in with questions for Padma or Andy (did the cure take? is Andy still straight? are follow-up Padma-ings required? what does Padma think of Kelly Wearstler's wardrobe on Top Design? will Padma try to outdo Kelly when Season 3 of Top Chef begins filming? will Padma sport a bikini in Miami? what are the assault laws like in Florida? will Carlos Fernandez be a guest judge? what's up with the Anna Nicole Smith stuff on Bravo? why is Tom Colicchio appearing on Top Design? would Andy advise Tom to shave his soul patch?). We know we'll be watching, if only to see whether Padma has bathed with, er, Herbal Essences; we're definitely looking forward to a totally organic experience.


Ms. Place said...

Dahling, the cross over from Top Chef to Top Design is obviously meant to save the sinking TD ship. You, the captain and head of your lovely Pink Navy should know this above all.

Oh, but you asked a rhetorical question. Of course you knew!

Watching Padma and Andy tonight will be as interesting as viewing the Mickey Mouse Club 2 on mute, but much less informative.

Anonymous said...

Is TD bad? I decided to skip it after Ilan won TC. I see they're doing a barbers/hair stylists challenge next. Ridiculous!