Friday, June 22, 2007

Under Lady Rushdie's Umbrella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh

Possums, as you head off for the first full weekend of summer, which may involve rain for some of you, we thought we would offer this little tidbit about Lady Rushdie, since our Padma Lakshmi Weekly Fashion Review feature seems to have been made obsolete by the fact of an actual wardrobe budget this season.

Lesley Abravanel, the nightlife columnist for the Miami Herald, was one of the guests at the "upscale barbecue" featured in this week's episode, and she had this to report:

"I just remembered something else: Padma must be a total diva because she had someone following her with an umbrella until it was time to film. I didnt see an umbrella over Gail! "

The thing is, this rather makes us like Padma more. That's the spirit, Milady!


Ms. Place said...

She's a Bollywood Diva! 'Nuff said.

Java Junkie said...
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Java Junkie said...


Not only do your posts make my day, you also have the most entertaining tags in the known universe.

How can we not love you?


potty mouth princess said...

Haven't the Rushdies gone their separate ways? I thought that was old news.

hughman said...

oh my sweet tenderloins, you are back!

i jjust refound you and my life is a little less missing the corner pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

before i continue to stalk you in an hermes scarf and big glasses, let me say right off i have a HUGE crush on dale. the fauxhawk? a little much. but the rest is so adorable i'll forgive him the forced affectation.

also, i hate "hung". irony, table for one.

just so you know what colored glasses i'm wearing.

as always, je t'adore.

hughman said...

ps. also love the new frock, eh, "template".

so sunshiney, so St. Tropez, so "Suddenly Last Summer".

Eric said...

I've never heard anyone call a bong an umbrella before.

Is this some new slang the kids are using?

Reeya said...

Padma will NEVER leave Rushdie now that he's a knight...if she leaves him, she no longer gets to be Lady Rushdie.

Seriously, the girl is too smart to leave him. I don't think any of us would have a clue who she was (not to mention Bravo) if she wasn't married to the guy.

eric3000 said...

I would totally have someone follow me around with an umbrella if I could afford it! Though I think having someone fanning me with palm fronds would be a bit over the top.

When I try to get Other Eric to do this he just complains that his arms are getting tired, which takes the fun out of it.

It is kind of sad that Padma actually looks presentable this season.