Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jowly Green Giant: "Top Chef" Left Me with Body-Image Issues!

Well, possums, Lesley of Eater LA has scored another coup, an interview with CJ Jacobson, the Jowly Green Giant himself, in which he dishes about the lasting body-image issues left by Top Chef:

"...And they make me look really huge on the show. I mean, I get it, I'm a tall guy. But I'm always standing next to Hung or Howie, the shortist [sic]people in the room. It made me completely reassess how I see myself."

CJ also tells Lesley that Howie Kleinberg might have been fired, discusses Hung Huynh's "assness" (we continue to marvel at what a linguistic treasure CJ is), and notes that Hung, who said some bitchy things about CJ, could simultaneously be "a dick" and "an ass," which led Miss XaXa to wonder, "Is that an elegant way of saying Hung can go fuck himself?"

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