Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Gets Its Hands “Grubby” Again, Is Called “Catty” and “Dirty-Minded” by Catty, Dirty-Minded New York Magazine

When we get invited to people's houses, possums, there's never a second invitation.

We're always surprised, of course. Our attitude is, "Oh, come on, what's a loose quip between friends? And well, it's true; that skirt does make you look like a ziggurat."

So imagine how much more surprised we were to be asked back by New York Magazine's Grub Street to give our off-the-cuff reactions to last night's Top Chef episode.

So if you feel like surveying the alcohol- and reality-show-bloodlust-fueled damage, take a look here.


The Big Shamu said...

Even better than the first time because we got more, more, more!
Most excellent work.

frogboots said...

nice, very nice.

and what the HELL was with Casey and those onions? i mean, jeeesus!

ps to ozersky or whoever that person is: casey is not "stunning."

holly said...

Love the article, wish you used a better picture of kitty.

hughman said...

" a dirty mind is a joy forever."