Thursday, August 16, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Goes a Little Bit Grubby, a Little Bit Street

Possums, usually we don’t like to blow our own trumpet (we’ll skip the requisite dirty pause just this once), but today we’ll make an exception, and you’ll see why.

In the normal course of events, New York magazine restaurant critic Adam Platt and Grub Street’s editor, Josh Ozersky, run every week’s Top Chef episode through an IM grinder. However, as Mr. Platt is in the Restaurant Critic Protection Program for a week, just to see how he might like it (should Jeffrey Chodorow really lose it someday), Josh kindly asked us to step into those big, red-sequined stilettos and add our own blade to the grinder. The results, full of gristle and snark, can be seen here.

We thank Josh for the invite, and will look for just the right Padma Lakshmi photograph to express our appreciation.


Anonymous said...

Ozersky: By the way, where did you find those bikini pictures of Padma? I think your blog is becoming straighter every week. What’s up with that?
Amuse Biatch: Oh, there’s loads more where those came from.
Ozersky: Really!
Amuse Biatch: Even some nekkid ones


mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Oh heck you are my New York Magazine and my Alqonquin Roundtable. Zsa Zsa is my Dorothy Parker.

Yours, from the peanut gallery.

Josh Ozersky said...

Still waiting for my Padma pics...

Ms. Place said...

Blow away, dahlings. You deserve the kudos. Read the article, Y'all did an outstanding job.