Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Candid Tom Colicchio Cultivates His Garden State and Remembers the Elizabethan Era

No, possums, we're not posting this just because we wanted to make Voltaire allusions or show you Tom Colicchio in an apron and tongs. There were other reasons, too, and when we think of them, we'll let you know. (Hey, you try coming up with material during a week with no new episode.)

At any rate, in the latest issue of New Jersey Monthly, Jersey boy (and Jersey bear) Thomas Patrick Colicchio ("Italian on both sides"; go figure) sings the praises of his native Garden State, recollects his time spent in Elizabeth, and recounts the Feast of the Thirteen Fish.

Have a look.


Ms. Place said...

Oh, my, I do so love a bear in an apron.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. My thoughts are summed up by Ms Waters in the last paragraph. What has happened?