Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Marcel Vigneron Has a Beard (and It's Not Elia Aboumrad)

Possums, when faithful Amuse-Biatch reader Melanie sent us this photograph of Marcel Vigneron on an Alaskan fishing trip, our first reaction was, "Ooooh, how butch."

Our second reaction was, "Dear Lord, even Marcel's become a bear. Does that mean the trend's as dead as foam?"

We just wish we'd had this picture to illustrate this post last season. Still, better late than never.

At last, the Wolverine transformation is complete.


Anonymous said...

Great catch!

Ms. Place said...

So glad you completed the circle. Back in 2006 BC I created a short Marcel metamorphosis. His resemblance to Wolverine is now accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I thought Marcel was just a cutie before but now DAMNNNNNN!!! What a Hottie!! Wooot!!!!! LOL