Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raggaydy Andy Responds: No Chlamydia On MY Watch

Well, possums, we just knew Raggaydy Andy wasn't the type to take it lying down.

Pushed against the wall--by yesterday's article in New York-- Raggaydy Andy took to his blog today to set things straight.

And we have to give him credit, because he found the article "pretty good and fair." Well, except for the part where, as we mentioned yesterday, the author revealed that cheftestants are prohibited from having sex with each other for fear that the seafood sausage may include more than one kind of crab. The only open sore Bravo wants to deal with, it seems, is Paula Abdul.

It's a policy that Raggaydy Andy stands ever so, so firmly behind. As he puts it,

"I feel pretty great that under our watch, you ain't allowed to 'do it' with another contestant. We're not the 'Real World' and we're not checking for STD's and we're just not in that game. If Tabs [Shear Design contestant Tabatha] gets herpes from another hairstylist that I helped cast, how am I gonna sleep at night!? Design all the dresses you want, but screw on your own clock. Or sign up to be on 'Temptation Island'."

Well, there goes our chance of another reality-show shower spanking in Miami, though we must say, they're coming awfully close to temptation, what with a hot tub and bikinis and booze. (And just out of curiosity, how can they prevent hooking up? If the cheftestants are left unsupervised and unfilmed after lights out--wasn't there a little after-hours head-shaving and misdemeanor battery at some point in the past?--how on earth can Bravo "Watch What Happens"? Inquiring minds want to know.


Christie said...

Why do they care if the contestants screw around with each other? What else do they have to do? Drink? Doesn't drinking lower inhibitions? I'm pretty sure most of us have hooked up with someone while drinking.

Just put a clause in the contract saying that Bravo is not liable for any STD's contracted through sexual activities with another contestant. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

No, no. They can't sleep with each other. But what about Randy Andy? Does he get any? Have any of the finalists got there by way of sexual favors?

Anonymous said...

Also, what about the nonstop homoeroticism of the frusterated love affair of TC2? Peeing scene anyone?

It's okay for Bravo to exploit and play this up to the hilt but the players must remain pure and chaste?

Anonymous said...

And did anybody get away with the misdemeanor assault? Nope, they were busted.