Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sara N. Wrap: The Ghost of Cleavage Past

Possums, as we’ve pointed out before, on Top Chef the meek never inherit the earth. Neither, it seems, do the chic.

And so Sara Nguyen, the math genius who was blissfully unaware that Scotch bonnet peppers are hot, was sent home in her black low-cut top (presumably chosen by “gay boyfriend” Dale Levitski, who raided her closet before they went out, and who dismissed one blouse, if we heard correctly, as too “frumpy”).

Of course, the choice of blouse turned out to be a tragic one. Not that this came as a surprise to us. Sara, possum, gay boyfriend or not, never, and we mean never ever, take fashion advice from a Gay who wears manpris. It’s the blinding leading the bland, and it never turns out well.

Sara N. (and Sweet Potato Queen Casey Thompson) made much of the horrors of having to compete unexpectedly, in the midst of a celebration, and in high heels and low-cut tops.

This struck us as rather funny when we remembered this season’s very first episode, in which the cheftestants were forced to compete (unexpectedly!) in a Quickfire Challenge in the middle of a celebratory cocktail party at Gianni Versace’s mansion. And what was Sarah wearing?

Why, isn’t that a low-cut top? And wait, if you look at the picture below, isn’t Sara N. wearing heels? (And Casey’s all turned out and purty, too, and in heels, though not showing as much cleavage). Dear, dear.

As much as we believe that bazooms and burning bras are feminist issues, we can’t help remembering how different Sara Mair’s attitude was. Lord love her for her courage in going braless on her baked Bries (ooze though they might, Miss XaXa suggested they nonetheless looked more like goat cheese crottins), but Lord love her even more for procuring a shirt to put those Babybels back in their cellar, where they belong, and getting down to work.

In the end, though, we predict a bright future for Sara Nguyen. Pourquoi? Well, because, as she tells Grub Street, “[Dale Levitski] keeps on asking me to move to Chicago to work with him when this is all done.”

Possums, we smell sitcom gold: Will & Grace meets Kitchen Confidential meets All-American Girl (which, as Margaret Cho bitterly—and justifiably—complained, the network wanted to call Wok on the Wild Side). Our proposed title: Nguyendy City. Just remember, we’ll be expecting a cut of the profits, or at least an executive producer credit. You heard it here first.


potty mouth princess said...

In defense of the dress at the quickfire, they were working with plastic knives in a ten minute time frame.

Anonymous said...

"Nguyendy City" is good. But I'd
go with "Dale and Graceless".

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you guys mentioned Sara Mair's sassy attitude towards the whole challenge. Over on the Bravo blogs, everyone's crying "Sexism! Sexism!", as if someone cooking in a low-cut blouse is right up there with being fired for not sleeping with the boss.

SPQ Wannabe said...

As a JEN-U-WINE Sweet Potato Queen Wannabe(SPQ), I'm mortified that you would label that kill-joy priss Casey with such a title. I'd bet my tiara she doesn't have majorette boots, or know the legend of the talking vagina. Boss Queen Jill would plotz

Ms. Place said...

Dahlings, my favorite underdog Sara M. took the twist with aplomb, not allowing her bazooms to interfere with the cooking at hand. Our Sara N. was ready to go. It's the only explanation.