Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Official Endorsement: Dale Levitski for Fan Favorite

Mind you, possums, we have an abysmal track record when it comes to these things. Carlos Fernandez, our pick last season, didn't win. Indeed, we may well be on the path toward becoming America's next top, oh, wait, toward becoming the Bob Shrum of Internet fan campaigns.

That being said, we hereby endorse our boy, Dale Levitski, for the Fan Favorite title and the attendant 10,000 smackeroos.

We're not ObamaGirl, so we can't explain in song and wearing skimpy clothes why you should vote for Obama's fellow Chicagoan, but here are a few reasons:

* Because he's, hands-down, the most entertaining cheftestant this season, and the maker of the best quips.

* Because he's slept with cowboys.

* Because he’s not the little fag in the corner

* Because Vogue called his croque monsieur the most perfect in the world, and when Jeffrey Steingarten, the Man Who Ate Everything (and Gail Simmons’ former boss) says something, and the Prada-wearing devil’s Bible carries it, well, it has the ring of Gospel truth.

* Because he’s not lying when he says of himself, “I’m a burnt-Tombstone-pizza, Chicago suburbanite, but I can cook some bad-ass French food.”

* Because Gail Simmons’ magazine, Food & Wine, once named Dale’s restaurant one of the ten top new bistros in North America and published one of his recipes.

* Because when we contacted him, he replied with the exact words you see in his speech bubble above. Bitch is broke and needs the ten thou.

So come on, possums, help a lavender brutha out. Vote for Dale.


Lisa B. said...

Unfortunately, I think the voting ended Sept 25. I not sure. I dislike the bravotv site, because I could not find a way to vote except by my cell phone. I searched away for "vote" "fan favorite", etc.

Check the site, before you vote -- more $$$ in their pockets.

Charlus said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Lisa. I fear you may be right. I also couldn't find anything on the Bravo website. I guess we definitely are the Bob Shrum of this stuff. Oh well. Nonetheless, I did promise Dale that I would run this, and everything I said in that post bears repeating.

The Big Shamu said...

Well I found it and and voted my alloted 20 times. He is wealthy in admirers.

hughman said...

i said it at the beginning and i'll say it again. i loves me some dale.

Alice said...

Is this a spoiler saying he didn't win the grand prize?

kara said...

Yeah, I thought the grand prize was $100,000 in Glad plastic products money.


Anonymous said...

They don't know who won, it is a live reveal this week in the finale.

velocibadgergirl said...

I *heart* Dale!

Dale for the championship! (and the 10K!)

potty mouth princess said...

No competition show awards the prizes until the final show airs.

Good on Dale for not pimping for the cash like Sam did last season (and a big reason I voted for Marcel).

I hate that you have to enter your damn information everytime you vote on the Bravo site. I refuse to text anybody anything, anytime.

Anonymous said...

The voting ended??? muther...

Doesn't matter. I got my vote in.
You got my vote, cowboy.

Ms. Place said...

Yup; Dale is the funnest cheftestant by far. I do so enjoy a man with a quick wit and a barbed tongue. And he can cook too! My oh my.

Teighlor said...

Dale's speech about why he should win managed something few other cheftestants (if any?) have: Genuine emotion tempered with grace and style. He seemed direct, honest, revealing, and human in the best way. Frankly, his food just looks better to me most of the time. If anyone knows for sure, can you please post whether or not the fan fave voting has ended?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Dale have his own show.

Anonymous said...

I love Dale on TV but clearly things have changed at La Tache since 2003. J'adore French food but my recent meal there was horrible. Everything was either overcooked, overseasoned, or cold... (check out Yelp if you don't believe me)... however, Sola, his new gig, is supposed to be awesome... helps when one of the local legends is running the place.