Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Paparazzo Photoessay: Cheftestants and Their Evil Metaphorical Familiars: They're Just Like Us!

Possums, we must confess to feeling a bit juvenile when we woke up this morning.

As a consequence, we had a good juvenile laugh when we watched one of the Bravo previews for the season finale and caught Hung Huynh listing the ingredients he took with him to Aspen, including "pickled kumquats." There are times when the sight of a bisexual saying the word "kumquat" is better at inducing the giggles than sucking on a helium balloon. And for this lapse of maturity, possums, we sincerely apologize.

However, pickled kumquats are not the only secret ingredient in Hung's arsenal and we have proof. We are pleased to bring you news from in-house paparazzo Laz West (take that, TMZ!), who once again risked life and limb to bring you exclusive photographs of what he saw. Today, he brings us a candid snapshot of Hung and his evil monkey sharing a private joke about world domination. As you can see from the monkey's expression, Laz managed to slip away not a moment too soon.

"So what kind of a monkey was it?" we asked the good Laz when he returned to safety.

"I couldn't tell if it was a spider monkey or a macaque," came the still-frightened reply.

"Well, with Hung being a bisexual, it had to be a macaque," said Miss XaXa with the certainty of hard-won experience.

Oops, there goes the juvenile again.


The Big Shamu said...

LAZ, so glad you escaped to the land of Amusement. Nice monkey work. Looking forward to more.

rob said...

From the look of the cheesecake picture of Padma, she might have been the source of the pickled kumquats.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the monkeys bisexual as well? A sexually congruent and ill tempered monkey would fit Hung perfectly as a little sidekick. Love the Fu Manchu its sporting too.

Laz said...

The monkey refused to answer any questions as to his sexual preference but sources describe him as "progressive" and "very open-minded."

jenny said...

Monkeys are bisexual as well?

Funny: http://bipersonal.zu5.net
Just get it.