Thursday, September 20, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Road Trip Photoessay: Tre Wilcox Wonders Where He Went Wrong, and Miss XaXa Wonders Where His Hand Wrongly Wandered


Ms. Place said...

What a great photo! Tre's got nice large hands.

cb said...

maybe it's the soft focus that always surrounds her, but Miss XaXa has gorgeous hair!

especially in this photo with darling Tre.

Anonymous said...

She always looks great in every pic I've seen.

JEALOUS!! lol!

Oryx said...

I love Tre's smile, he looks little a little boy
Miss XaXa looks gorgeous in her pics.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Miss XaXa is gorgeous and now she is pictured very close to Tre's arms. Help I need a remedy, the green eyed monster is possessing me.

Miss XaXa said...

Thanks for the kind words y'all! :)

Shamu is one helluva photographer. Be sure to check out her detailed recaps of the trip:

The food pics are fantastic...And my pics are featured sans glow.

Charlus and that damn glow! ;)