Sunday, September 30, 2007

Breaking News: Padma Lakshmi Hits Chicago, Wears Tight Pants

We know, possums, we know. We're just as shocked as you that, as The Chicago Tribune's blog is reporting, Padma Lakshmi would be wearing "a vivid purple knit top and dark tight trousers tucked into snappy boots" at Chicago's Green City Market while filming the new season of Top Chef.

Of course, it's too early to judge, but this bodes well for the Padma Lakshmi Weekly Fashion Review next season. If you want no potential spoilers or information of any kind save for that description of Padma's wardrobe, read no further.

The rest of you should feel free to head over and read the story, which provides some interesting tidbits, including:

* There are 15 cheftestants again, none of whom has a mohawk, though there are "a couple faux hawks," and "one very skinny chef with messy hair [who] buy[s] apples."

* The Quickfire Challenge being filmed at the Green City Market is to "[c]reate a 'fully realized entree' using just five ingredients from the market.... The chefs will be allowed to use oil, sugar, salt and pepper when they return to the kitchens, those ingredients not counting against their five."

* A commenter says the supermarket for next season will be "the new Whole Foods at Halsted and Waveland." We don't know very much about Chicago, but isn't Halsted the lifeline of Boys' Town?


Anonymous said...

Oh, my - I guess I should have explored further when I saw the signs that filming was taking place at the Green City Market, but once I got my hands on those German Butterball potatoes for a gratin I was out of there.

As for your question, Halsted at Waveland is indeed the heart of Boys' Town - the rainbow flags dot that entire stretch of road. Padma better choose her clothes wisely less she clash too much (and I'm guessing Padma look-alikes aplenty will be there come the Halloween parade).

charlie said...

Top Chef had a nice Holiday show in Chicago. And seeing Padma again on the show was Great. She is the Best. And really puts the Frosting on the Cake. Will be Great when they start the 4th. Season. and see Padma, and Her other Lovely Outfits. Weekly