Saturday, March 08, 2008

The 12 Days of Bitchmas -- Day Eight: Ryan Scott Tosses Salad; Can a Spurt of Ranch Dressing Be Far Behind?, or Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheesy Smile

Oh possums, honi soit qui mal y pense.

"Brings a whole new meaning to Hidden Valley Ranch," said Miss XaXa, but of course that's not what we meant. We were referring only to Ryan's Bravo video interview, during which he says, "My favorite junk food would have to be ranch dressing."

"Brings a whole new meaning to junk food," purred Miss XaXa.

(Sorry about that, possums. Once she gets started, she turns into Barbara Standbackwyck in Double Entendrety and it's hard to stop her.)

At any rate, Ryan confesses during his video to his fondness for putting ranch dressing on pizza, which may well be a clue to his choice of topping--

"Don't even think it," we hastened to interrupt Miss XaXa.

--during the Quickfire Challenge on the show's premiere episode, which consists of a Pizzeria Uno-sponsored throwdown for deep-dish pizza.

"Special sauce, lettuce and cheesy smile aside, he probably has very nice sesame-seed buns," concluded Miss XaXa with a sigh.

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