Monday, April 21, 2008

Amuse-Biatch “Metrosexual” Monday: Padma Lakshmi Recommends Serving Your Poached Pears in Dixie Cups (or on a Stick)

At least that's what self-avowed "metrosexual" Ryan Scott says, and we all know how truthful he is. From YumSugar's latest interview:

YS: Alright, let's talk about last night's episode. Really? Poached pears at a tailgate party?
RS: Do I look like a guy that goes to a freaking football game? It's just not me. I wanted to give the whole experience, with an entree and dessert. And the weird part is Padma liked the pear, she thought I should have served it in a dixie cup. So I brought some California flair to a tailgate and they didn't like it.

YS: You should have put it on a stick.
RS: Padma said that too.


Miss XaXa said...

Charlus, those are Dixie "D" cups!

Buzzkill said...

Padma certainly has a way with "pairs".

SGLC said...

Is it just me or is Padma staring at her own "pears" in that picture?

...Not that I really blame her.

Elwood said...