Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amuse-Biatch Begins to Fear for Self-Avowed “Metrosexual” As He Becomes Incapable of Keeping Story Straight for Even the Length of a Paragraph

As you know, possums, we've kept track of self-avowed "metrosexual" Ryan Scott's apparently less-than-firm grasp on truth and consistency. As we've noted, for example, he can't decide if he cooked in his parents' restaurant when he was eight or when he was 11, or whether he was a good cook as a child. As we've also noted, in one month he told the same media outlet two conflicting stories: that he had read the blogs and one blog had said something negative about him, and that he had not read the blogs and had any of them said something negative about them?

But we may have come across the best and most breathtaking example of all. As you will remember, on this week's episode, Ryan condescendingly said, "I'm not a big sports fan. Do I look like a sports fan? No, I'm not." Now take a look at Ryan's interview with Bravo's own "Burning Questions" blog: California tailgate -- do you go often?
No. No I don’t go often. I’m the least sport fan you’re ever going to meet. Honestly, it’s really funny, a lot of my friends they’ll ask me, “Who are ‘Refrigerator Perry’ or ‘Lenny Dykstra?’” I mean I know I know a lot about sports -- you’re not going to find me on a Sunday sitting down going to a tailgate. I got Giants tickets last Thursday and I gave them away …. Unless there’s a lot of beer, you’re not going to get me there. I am a sports fan -- I find it great what they do. I think it’s phenomenal ….

Frankly, our head is spinning. He's not a sports fan, he's a sports fan, he's not a sports fan. Oy! It's like Jack Nicholson interrogating Faye Dunaway in Chinatown: My daughter! My sister! My daughter! My sister!

We only wish we could slap him in the same way.


MEP said...

I read Ryan's answers to the burning questions and thought the same thing: what's up with this guy? I'm not as convinced as the other Top Chef bloggers seem to be that he is a really nice guy . . . maybe a really nice guy who is really in love with himself.

eric3000 said...

"Unless there’s a lot of beer, you’re not going to get me there"

Yeah, that's what sports are missing: Beer. Why hasn't anyone thought of that.

grumpy said...

I'm beginning to think he's a blithering idiot! mep's right, he's certainly in love with himself and he needs to get over it. See

Mary said...

He's not a nice guy. I can tell you that first hand. I went to the CCA with him and he was an ass licking jerk. He couldn't cook, was jealous of talent, and licked the chef/instructors asses. He also thinks he is God's gift to women, which he is not.

Anonymous said...

Not a nice guy. Not gods gift to women. A totally self-centered arrogant ass hole. I met him last weekend (and his out-of-a-bottle girlfriend) and neither of them care about anything but themselves. Oh...and funny thing...his g/f kept talking about how the sheets at their hotel gave her a is there something you're not telling her?