Sunday, April 27, 2008

Antonia Lofaso Shows Off Profound Knowledge of World Cultures, Booze

From the most recent episode of Top Chef:

Mojo is Cuban, so we’re going to throw a little bit of tequila in with our sauce.”


Diana said...

"Mojo" doesn't even have alcohol in it, yes? She's confusing a "mojo," which is a garlic rub, with "mojito," the minty rum drink. *Disclaimer* when Mexicans rub chicken, fish, or shrimp with fresh, chopped garlic and parsley, we call that a "mojo" ("mojo de ajo"). Our island neighbors to the east may call it something else and I could (for shame) be generalizing.

Buzz Kill said...

I always thought rum was the drink of Cuba. I think Antonia got a little cross-mojinated (yeah baby).