Friday, April 25, 2008

The Biest Comes Out, and It's a Beaut

Possums, we were fans of Jennifer Biesty because of her general air of solidity and maturity, both in cooking and in temperament. However, we have just been reminded that not for nothing is her nickname "The Beast," and not for nothing does she have a shark's fin atop her head.

In her exit interview with our pals at Grub Street, she kicks a trashcan or two:

Did the judges make a mistake [Wednesday] night?
I really thought — especially with how [the judges] were talking about the Polish-sausage dish — that there was no way that we would go home, or I would go home. So their mistake? I don’t know — they make a lot.


What was your impression of guest judge Johnny Iuzzini?
He was kind of pompous and arrogant, really working the camera. Out of all the judges so far, he was the most disingenuous. He was really there more to get his face on TV than to actually be a judge.


In terms of the hairstyle, who pulls it off better: you or Richard?
Me. You can tell the difference between a $20 haircut and an $80 haircut.

What did we tell you, possums? Never piss off a lesbian. Still, we wonder: Can Richard fight a fauxhawk war on two fronts?


Anonymous said...

Yes, women get $80 haircuts. Men get $20 haircuts. Doesn't anyone remember the "Pat" sketch on SNL? Jeez.

Buzz Kill said...

The only difference I can see is $60! For that much money, I better get a haircut and a happy ending.

What still hasn't clicked with these cheftestants is that if you look at all of your beter-known chefs (guest judges included) none of them have a faux hawk. Why? Becuase it would make them look stupid.

You wanna be a Mohican, go live in the woods, otherwise, get a decent haircut already.

barred owl said...

oh, what a zinger!

i have my opinions about The Beast up at

Mary said...

She has a point about the Polish sausage dish. Antonia and Dale's Enemy were given a specific ingredient and chose not to use it. This is a bad sign. Not following directions can get you booted.

Yeah, the mohawk has to go. They were not going to get rid of Stephanie. She is Chef Tom's favorite. I wonder how long Nikki and Spike will last.

hughman said...

it's hard to tell which is worse - the fauxhawks or the douche hats.

Kwana said...

Ouch! She was not playin. Great blog.

eric3000 said...

I cannot tell the difference between a $20 and an $80 haircut.

Doens that explain my haircut? Yes.