Saturday, April 19, 2008

Possum Sighting: Nimma Osman Has a Job!

Possums, we got a note from faithful Amuse-Biatch reader Ryan (not that Ryan, obviously), who had a sighting to share with us:

While in Atlanta this past weekend we ate at our favorite breakfast spot Sun In My Belly (Kirkwood). Who should we see cooking but Top Chef contestant Nimma...remember her?

Indeed we do, Ryan, indeed we do. At any rate, we are glad to hear she is gainfully employed, as we had heard that she left her previous position a bit dramatically. If you'll pardon our lapse into the vulgate, it always sucks to be the first one kicked off. Perhaps Bravo could take a page from Tyra Banks and give the "firsties," Suyai, Clay, Nimma, and what's 'is name from Season 1, a chance at redemption.

At any rate, our thanks to Ryan for sending in the sighting. Please feel free to follow his example (pics much appreciated, bien sûr). And of course if you have yearbook photos of any of the cheftestants, you just know we'd love to hear from you.

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hughman said...

thamkfully there were no naked spaced themed projects involving Jay involved. God comes im small doses.