Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sigmund Freud Rolls in Grave as Drunken Groupie Answers Age-Old Question

As you may know, possums, once upon a time Sigmund Freud asked the most profound question in our history as a species: Was will das Weib? What do women want?

Sad to think that one answer to that might just be: Spike Mendelsohn.

To wit:

[Spike] Mendelsohn says the exposure for him [from Top Chef] was tremendous, despite the drunken groupie who climbed up the side of his apartment building one night. (He says he put her in a cab and sent her home.)

Straight women of America, enlighten us, please.


hughman said...

one word - drunk.

"Sometimes a frozen, soggy, wingey scallop is just a frozen, soggy, wingey scallop."

in a hat from 1998.

Anonymous said...

One word: KFed

Even someone as odious and slimy as KFed gets groupies. Apparently, fame can be an aphrodesiac for some.

Not for me.

SGLC said...

Groupies? Hell! KFed got Britney! Back when that still sorta meant something.

Vertigo said...

Not that that girl isn't crazy, but I have to admit: sometimes, I totally found Spike kinda hot. I think the way he dresses and the scruffy beard sort of cancels it out usually, but I thought he was good looking in the Restaurant wars ep...

(Andrew's still cuter though)

toosh said...

Spike is hot. Why? He is a jackass. Unabashedly so. He has that facial hair thats so sexy and a "Who gives a fuck I certainly don't cuz I'm still the shit" attitude. Now, I don't know if that would translate in real life because I don't know if..well...I don't know if he has the finesse, skills, humor, intelligence to back up his cockiness. If he does- he's so hot he's a virgin.

Anonymous said...

He is so COCKY!!!

I think he is compensating for something. Why do people like him?

Young, dumb, full of cum.

maybe be that's why I like him?!

C in GBC