Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doing It for Zoi: The Return

So it turns out the finale took place during Lisa's girlfriend's birthday, and Lisa wanted to win so she could buy the girlfriend something nice with the hundred-thou. And it turns out Dan Barber has a personality and is adorable, and Richard is funny and geeky about Star Wars (shocker, that). So why didn't we get to see all of this stuff during the regular broadcast? For one thing, it might have livened up a rather pro forma finale. We rather suspect we didn't see it because, by humanizing Lisa and showing Richard as less of a victim, it detracted from the predetermined narrative arc.

1 comment:

GL said...

We saw him with the liquid nitrogen, did we need to see his rice cooker too?

Also, with Jennifer needing to do it all for Zoi, I would just as soon not have to see another person winning one for the gipper.

On the other hand, why the hell not. They could have cut a little bit of fat from the broadcast somewhere else.