Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New York City Girds Its Loins in Preparation for Tonight's Arrival of Tomzilla

Or should that be King Tom?

You know, possums, if we were any good at Photoshop, or if Bravo had found someone wittier, you’d be looking at an image of Tom Colicchio astride the Empire State Building, a scantily clad Padma (not much of a stretch, that) held tightly in one huge paw.

As it is, you can practically hear the screams of terror and relief from the people in that little yellow cab as they flee Manhattan to escape the marrow-freezing smirk on that oversized bear, and his unflattering and mismatched outfit.

And so, eight months to the day after the premiere of Top Chef: Chicago, we will finally see what it’s like when the Top Chef chicken comes home to roost.

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Anonymous said...

bring it, bitches!