Friday, December 12, 2008

Amuse-Biatch Photoessay: Danny Gagnon Triumphantly Displays the Results of His IQ Test


release_in_extremity said...

wow, that's really mean. haha!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or did he appear stoned the entire episode? He was so giggly and just...weird.

He was a bit of a goofball in past episodes, but not to this extent. It also annoyed me how he took the time to taste the peach sorbet in Whole Foods.

I suppose he could have been tasting it to conceptualize his yuzu sorbet, but they edited it in such a way that it seemed like he was just stopping for a snack.

Meh, whatevs. I am glad that "Weird Beard" is no longer disgracing my television screen.

Anonymous said...

That high?

Anonymous said...

"I wanna be jus like Bobby Flay....I dink I can be an actor 2! I can make U laugh....I can deach you to cook....Babba Booyey! Macka!"