Monday, December 08, 2008

Despite Their Differences, Padma Lakshmi and Anthony Bourdain United by Their Love of Booze and Crystal (and Publicity)

Swarovski crystal, bien sûr, possums, as we learnt in a press release from Moët & Chandon (not that filthy Korbel stuff they product-place down cheftestants’ gullets on Top Chef).

Sure, Bourdain may not have a lot of respect for Padma’s intellectual abilities, but they both seem to agree on the wisdom of publicity. As the saying goes, either of them would show up to the opening of an envelope.

In this case, Moët & Chandon is launching a gimmick—“previously only available to A-list celebrities and VIPs” (like Padma and Bourdain?!?)—whereby poor saps, who no doubt need the job, will place a 14-character personalized message on a bottle of champagne, using Swarovski crystals and for a tidy sum. Och, the genius of it! Just what everyone needs in this economy! The website considerately allows you to preview your own labels, and here is the one we have chosen (and to be clear, we also made the one above):

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