Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Which Cheftestant Used the Services of a Texas Henry Higgins?

From The Dallas Morning News:

The Voice and Speech Trainers Association...estimates that a third of its members now work with the general public rather than sticking with actors and voiceover artists.

"I've trained doctors. I've trained CEOs. I've even trained one of the contestants on Top Chef," said Bettye Zoller, a Dallas-based voice coach....

"They may not admit it, but a lot of very successful people have gotten voice coaching...."

Well, since this is in Dallas, our first guesses are Casey Thompson or Tre Wilcox from Season 3, but of course we don't know. If any of you, possums, has a tip about this, feel free to email us. Discretion guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

uck, that is the worst picture of Chef Casey...her fake boobs are WAY too large for her petite frame, good gawd, is that what surgeons do in Dallas?? gross

JacquelineC said...

can we make the next goomba from the Gisland go?