Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fabio Viviani Exit Interview Roundup, Part 1: He Hates Cilantro, Likes In-N-Out (Animal Style!), Is a Good Lover, and His Mother Isn’t Dying

People Magazine:

You talked about your mom being sick. How is she doing?
The show is kind of exaggerated a little bit. My mom is not dying. She has a problem that she cannot move her hand. Her body produced too much calcium and the bone in the wrist is calcifying. It can’t be cured. Every six months she needs to have a surgery or else she’ll be completely paralyzed. It’s an expensive and stressful thing. But she’s hanging in there.

Is she proud of how far you got in the competition?
You know what? She doesn’t even know what’s going on. She know I’m on the show, but it’s hard to realize your son is on national TV because in Italy we don’t have these things. In Italy, if you are going on TV, it’s because you killed a whole family somewhere or you robbed a bank. So it doesn’t really happen that you are on national TV for something good. My mom, she was very happy. She told me she saw me on Google. And I told her, “Mom. I’m not on Google. Google is a search engine.”


Name one food you cannot stand.
Cilantro. I hate it from the deepest of my heart. And if one day if I’ll be filthy rich. I’m going to buy 20 acres, I’ll grow cilantro, and then I’m going to fly over with a combat airplane and drop an “m” bomb on the field and blow the whole thing up.

Pick your favorite fast-food restaurant.
In-N-Out is pretty good. “Animal style.” No pickle. I hate pickle too.

Grub Street

So you have a cookbook deal?
Yes, I have a cookbook that is coming out in April, a food and mixology book. One of my colleagues at the restaurant is a great mixologist. It will be at Wal-Mart, it will be everywhere. And what it talks about is how to do easy, stress-free Italian food, pairing with martini instead of wine.


You said you needed the prize money to take care of your mother. Is she going to be okay without this money?
The fact of my mom has been a little bit misunderstood. She’s not dying, she has this problem in her hand. She’s very young, she’s 47, and she has this problem [with] the bone and the cartilage in her wrist, they’re falling apart because there’s something wrong with her blood. She’s not going to die, but she had to quit the job that she was doing. I support my family every month.

A lot of viewers think you’re “the cute one.” What makes you cute?
I think an accent does its good part. And then, you know, my mom is telling me all the time that I’m the cutest person ever, so I guess my mom is right.


Do chefs make good lovers?
Chefs make great lovers, 'cause if you don’t please them while you’re having sex, you please them while you’re making dinner. I please them in both cases.

Endless Simmer

And Padma?
You know, she was speaking straight-forward Italian to me. She started in Italy as a model, she was on this TV show there, so I was actually looking at Padma way before she was tasting my food. She has a great palate. She’s a model, not a chef, but she’s very personable and we had a good time together. She’s very fun.

Were you worried about coming off as an Italian cliche?
Well you’ll have to tell me what an Italian cliche is. I left Italy because there were too many Italians, so it’s nice to be one of the few here. I think I represented my country well. Look, I’ve only been speaking English for 2 1/2 years. I had to rent the last season of Top Chef on DVD because on TV I couldn’t understand what they were saying. [Amuse-Biatch Editor's Note: This is a little odd to us, since, as far as we know, Top Chef isn't actually available on DVD.]


What are you up to now?
I’m getting a lot of offers, being asked to do TV shows, license my image on a line of cooking products, so all kinds of things. I hope you liked my face, because unfortunately, you’re going to be seeing a lot of it.

Another TV show! Tell us more.
Aaah, I can’t say yet, but let me just say - Watch What Happens.

Seriously. The Fauxhawk? Really?
I’m a chef, and chefs are a little like rock stars. Every summertime for the first day of summer, I dye my hair blond. Blond-blond, like Pamela Anderson blond. And then when the blond is gone I get the fauxhawk. I like to change things up. I know the pink scarf, fauxhawk thing is not really American masculine, but I’m Italian, so I don’t give a damn.


Patty O. Furniture said...

I think Top Chef might be available on iTunes, so maybe that's what he means when he says he rented them.

Anonymous said...

I think his head is getting to big for that 'Fauxhawk'...

He's coming off sounding like a conceited idiot...he's not the best thing since 'sliced cheese' to me...

Remember 15 minutes of fame doesn't last that long..

GL said...

I have officially had enough of Fabio now.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Seriously, somebody please give this guy a show. Hope it's BRAVO so I can "Watch What Happens." I love Fabio's warped catchphrases...although he should chill on his hatred for cilantro, ha.

Wonder if his show will be called Top Scallop.

Fabio Viviani said...

Hi, it's Fabio, it is fun to see how people are getting sick and tired of watching other people on tv...... you guys are truly entertaining, i will see you soon, actually you will see me soon, and yes i got a dvd from a friend of mine he did downloads the whole 4 season on a dvd for me..... and no, my head is not to big yet , as matter of fact i am everyday in my restaurant still doing what i love, be a Chef.
Have a good day fellas.

Kristine said...

Does anyone know why Bravo doesn't put TC on DVD? It's drives me insane that you can buy Real Housewives and everything else, but not TC. I did buy Season 4 from Amazon, but I have to watch them on my computer. It sucks. (Funny, the word verification is "eatee." Is that the same as "foodie.")

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Fabio, lots of people were hoping you'd win and think you're entertaining and a great chef too so grazie mille for all the entertainment you provided this season. I hope to make it out to your restaurant someday since most of the Italian food in LA sucks.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but LOVE him.

Anonymous said...

I could do with a little less Fabio, too, but I love the pink scarf!

Anonymous said...

we kind of liked him. would it be too Starfuckerish to go to his restaurant?

John said...

Fabio is the best, I was so pissed off when I realized he was going to get kicked off. I want to go have a drink with fabio, for sure,

lisa said...

Fabio was my favorite this season. He's gorgeous and funny and yeah, I've got a bit of a tv crush, but so what. He gave a bored housewife something to look forward to on Wednesdays.

I'll be very happy to see more of him and I don't even like to cook.

Anonymous said...

I heart Fabio so much. And I agree with every single vowel and syllable he says about cilantro (aka the devil herb).

Anonymous said...

Watching the clock. 14:58...14:59...15:00 DING! Your fifteen minutes of fame is up Fabio. Please go away.

Linda said...

Fabio is my fave contestant from Top Chef, ever! He's hilarious. Totally want to make a trip to his restaurant one of these days. Good luck w/everything Fabio!

Anonymous said...

Fabio is actually a really nice guy in person. Not conceited at all . . . and his restaurant is amazing. And yes, I realize that this sounds like I'm kissing his ass, but I'm not! He had a couple's wedding shower at his restaurant for my friend . . and it was seriously awesome!

thatjamiegirl8 said...

Fabio is yummy. I would love to see more of him and his delicious culinary creations!!!

standard issue fan said...

I'm glad his mother isn't as ill as the show made it seem. Although what she has still sounds horrible.

Heart Defect Awareness said...

I thought Fabio was great. Funny, easy going, produces delish food, and easy on the eyes!

Pay no attention to the naysayers Fabio! Best of luck with everything the future brings.


karenvinton said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE FABIO! I voted for him as viewers choice and congratulations Fabio. You really need to host your own shown on the food network and I'm hoping to see there someday.

Great work on Top chef and you were right...such a great accomplishment for someone who's only been in this country a short time. Everyone should be very proud of you.
I DON'T for a second think they picked the right winner. It was a real letdown after having watched for so long. The winner should have been your euro buddy. He outshined and continued to win all the way thru. It was an obvious poor decision on that last day.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I'm so jealous of his wife!!

Peter said...

Check out this Fun with Fabio video. Enjoy!

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