Friday, February 20, 2009

Mamma Mia! Fabio Viviani Says His Mother Is “Smoking Hot”

On the video (which, until Bravo reintroduces embeddable viewing, you’ll have to watch here), Fabio says Hosea and Leah were more than friends and less than lovers, that males kissing is “a European thing,” and that he would vote for himself as fan favorite. He also asks Bravo to provide him the DVD of the season because (ahem) Bravo doesn’t sell DVDs of Top Chef.


Augusta said...

Fabio i loved your other haircut. X .X

Have that one again i beg of you. And always smile it light's the whole show!!!

Haiku High Priest said...

Faux-hawked Iago.
Wife it wealthily, Padma.
Foreign elements.

Anonymous said...

I thought Fabio's mother was sick and needed the money. Now all he can talk about is that she's smoking hot? He didn't mention one thing about her being in bad shape and needed car. I think Fabio will say anything to get people to pay attention to him. Sad. Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

I know Fabio and unfortunately i know his mom's story, she is really sick, she has a sort of blood desease that cause over production of calcium or somethings like that and she has her hands almost paralized cause the bones in her wrist are getting thicker, she wont die but she do have some serious problems and he pays all the medical bills for surgeries, dont judge, you dont know the story.

By the way, yes, she is beautyfull.