Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Reaction: Aw Shucks Oysters

Gail, Gail, Gail.

Even if nothing else during the episode had worked, the return of Gail Simmons would have been enough. In Hootie’s words, “Love ya, girl!”

But that was actually quite a tasty episode. We got: Carla winning the challenge (and a car, and bemoaning the unreliable character of men’s promises in a "Bessie Smith does Much Ado About Nothing" soliloquy); the return of Leah Cohen (who apparently learnt how to use make-up in the interim); Fabio's pink scarf and mohawk; Carla's new hair; our little longer-haired scallop Jamie Lauren (though she went a tad overboard on the Miss Clairol or the lemon juice); Jeff’s chance at redemption (sadly, no more treasure-trail shots by cameramen intent on objectifying him); “a butt-rubbing contest”; Stefabio forcibly separated; Carla's beautiful table manners; more phallocentric taunting of Hosea (just what does Stefan know? Did he see Hosea naked in the bathroom?); Padma looking like a mail-order whore in a Sergio Leone western; Fabio revealing that he’s watched masked porn; Jeff McInnis mispronouncing “chipotle”; Stefan as Mr. Grits; a patient, inoffensive, and understanding Emeril Lagasse; and Gail, Gail, Gail.

Oh, and as you can see from the picture above, Stefan actually did help Carla shuck her oysters. So much for the soulless villain.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Stefan? He got fat!

Anonymous said...

chipolte? hey that's how bobby flay says it!
i am gonna miss me some jeff, fabio and jamie.
go hootie!

Anonymous said...

Stefan just plays an asshole on TV.

Anonymous said...

So Stefan is an 'actor' as well as chef??? Anon 12:13???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing that Stefan did help. Not the first time he's thrown in and helped other contestants - despite how he's shown, he does seem to be a good team player. yay! Still Team Carla, though.

KristineB said...

Just want to point out, and I posted this on Richard Blais's blog to bust his chops, that he said early on that a caterer (among others)would NEVER win Top Chef. Unless douchebag Hosea pulls it out, Blais is going to have to EAT his words!