Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Season’s Top Chef, Stephanie Izard, on Whether Padma Lakshmi Follows the Acapulco Golden Rule

Possums, as much as we like and appreciate last season’s Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard, we cannot help but concede that she, being a cautious and intelligent sort (drats!), hasn’t always given the most thrilling of interviews (although perhaps in these Caseygate times, that’s not such a bad thing). So it is with great pleasure that we perused one of the liveliest Izard interviews to date, where she discusses her soon-to-open restaurant in Chicago and how she is confident she will beat Hosea Rosenberg during their upcoming cook-off in Aspen. But our favorite exchange was this:

Q. Settle a rumor: Does Padma like to share her weed or no?
A. Does she seem like the type who shares? That would not be very diva would it?


KristineB said...

Stephanie said the other part of the name of her restaurant came from a conversation with Antonia. She asked how she would describe her and Antonia replied, "I don't known, Drunken?" Love it!

Dale Cruse said...

Steph's awesome and I had a great time interviewing her!

JacquelineC said...

Just knew you two would enjoy each other! Sharp and witty, charming too.And I know Dale shares, bet you do too!